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Created 2020-09-29
Owner gjsohcat Gcat
Title Automatic Control System Is More Perfect
Description Development and manufacture of ultrafine vertical mill should be focuses on efficient, energy-saving. On the current market, ultrafine vertical mill with large capacity, high separation efficiency, low energy consumption of energy saving equipment will be more popular, more urgent needs of the market. High reliability, precision, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control will be the main direction of ultrafine vertical mill in the powder industry. You can use SCR power supply, AC variable speed, centralized grease lubrication, shock absorption and other measures, and condition monitoring and computer automatic control devices. Requirements of powder product fineness is increased, milling equipment industry will develop towards refinement, automation and scale, Raymond is no exception. For a long time, there are few development of ultrafine vertical mill. Although the grading system was made a big improvement, but most remain in the single transformation. In fact the traditional ultrafine vertical mill has many potential to be tapped, such as automated unmanned operation is one of a direction and a foothold for future development.
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