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Created 2020-11-03
Owner yanghuim 
Title The main usage of small manual hand press machine
Description Small manual hand press machines are small stamping equipment for watches and clocks, instruments, electronics, jewelry, hardware and clothing, shoes and hats, and other industries, the workpiece can be punching, bending, riveting and press, and other processes. The machine structure is light, high production efficiency. The closure height and stroke length are adjustable for ease of use. The small manual hand press machine is applicated to all drawing, blanking, forming process, especially in the following areas: all kinds of containers, all kinds of automobile covering parts, electric parts, kitchen utensils, tractor, motorcycle, aerospace, aviation, electronics, instrumentation, plastic, rubber, chemical, and other industrial departments. The main performance characteristics of a small manual hand press machine The small manual hand press machine has the advantages of small volume, simple structure, and little cost. High quality cast-iron body, study design. For press-fitting and pulling bearings, 4-position plate, Chrome-plated steel pinion, and ram. Features of small manual hand press machine 1.Control on foot or hand Pedal. 2.Punching Power( 0.5Ton to 4 Ton ). 4. Solid structure and easy to operate, convenient to upload and download material so that ensure efficient work. 5. Multifunctional use for indentation, punching, riveting, assembling, cutting, etc. 6. Safe and human-centered design, comfortable and durable operation. Small manual hand press machine the major driving manner is that the electromotor drives the flywheel, through the function of the clutch to punch the cards. Because the punching The speed is fast and the power is strong, the edge of the cards is smoothly cut. The machine is designed with precise automatic punching location holes. The main usage of small manual hand press machine Small manual hand press machine used in punching, bending, blanking, cutting, riveting, etc. this machine usage with a die, safely and high efficiency operate, using high quality material, make sure the edge of finished products beautiful and smooth.
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