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Created 2020-11-04
Owner gjsohcat Gcat
Title Grinding Process Of Barite
Description For industry use, barite natural crystal mainly directly processed into desired products. The larger the barite crystal without defects, the higher its economic value. Therefore, in the process of grinding of barite ore, it is necessary to protect the natural crystals of barite from damage as much as possible. The grinding process of barite ore includes two processes of flotation and wind selection. After the ore rock crushing and grinding process, the barite monomer is dissociated. Under the action of the chebaritel agent, the barite becomes a foam product and is separated from the gangue. Barite flotation can be carried out in an acidic or alkaline slurry, and the long carbon chain amide cations and fatty acid anions are barite collectors. In the barite flotation process, three rough selections and three selections are required to obtain the barite concentrate. Therefore, the barite ore flotation process is used to recover barite and fine-grain barite below 14 mesh in pegmatite and barite schist.
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