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Created 2020-11-11
Owner yanghuim 
Title Production line of the pop buckwheat grading machine
Description Pop buckwheat grading machine is widely used for pre-cleaning and cleaning of grains and seeds for grain depot and seed company, and raw grains for flour mill, rice mill, feed, chemical and food processing industry. One machine can clean various grains such as wheat, maize, rice, beans, oilseeds by changing different screens. Pop buckwheat grading machine can further remove light impurities and dust if equipped with vertical air aspirator, and get an ideal air cleaning effect by adjusting the machine according to the impurity content of raw grains. It is mainly made from corn powder. It is a new choice for your breakfast after mixing with milk. Designed as a kind of breakfast cereal, it is crunchy taste and water resisting property make you have something in mouth for chewing, but not hard. Our company has three types of production lines by capacity 150kg/hr, 240kg/hr, and 500kg/hr. Production line of the pop buckwheat grading machine Flow chart: Mixing---Extrusion---Flaking---Drying---(Sugar Spraying)---Flavoring---Drying---Packing Corn Flakes or Breakfast cereal snacks: a. Pop buckwheat grading machine is a new and popular breakfast cereal or leisure crispy snack among the family, due to the high nutritional value, like rich carbohydrates and dietary fiber. We adopt various Cereal and vitamins and minerals as raw material, the finished corn flakes can be served with coffee, milk or functional drinks, etc. b. The quality corn flakes are not puffed but must be ripened completely in the extruder and the ripened material will be extruded from the mold with the transparent corn pellets shape; c. The flake shape can be acquired by using the flaking machine and the thickness of the flake depends on the two smooth rollers gap. d. The Roasted processing is so important for reaching the close-grained and crispy texture. At last, it can be sprayed with melted sugar or powdered sugar as the finished delicious corn flakes.
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