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add to favorites Barite Grinding Mill Bearings Wear   No  
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Barite grinding mill bearings wear and bearing wear, there are two main solutions. First, repair welding; second, brush plating processing repair. However, if you encounter high heat, the operation will break the shaft and even cause serious accidents. Moreover, the repair by the latter is easy to fall off after a period of operation. Both of the traditional methods will cause wear and tear again. It is recommended that you use a high-tech product on the market. These products have strong adhesion, can quickly and effectively repair worn bearings, and because of the high pressure resistance of the product, It plays a role in extending the service life of the bearing. Barite grinding mill bearings are overheated, resulting in three types of bearing overheating, insufficient bearing lubricants, grease deterioration and bearing damage. We mainly solve by adding lubricant in time. If we encounter bearing damage, we need to replace the new bearing.
add to favorites It's amazing because M18 is another older Madden I still have and it plays like tras   No  
Madden, can we get back to Mut 21 coins things like this? Madden is the only game I've played in which you gain more attributes as you go backward. I left a post a while ago about what should iNFLuence retirement. Some gamers may decide it is not worth coming back if the teams record was bad that the season before, or perhaps a team is in rebuild phase. In thar scenario a player should pursue moving into a contender and taking a pay cut (Free Agency). Scenario engine has a lot to offer, nevertheless conditional statements will need to be enhanced/updated. If they come out of retirement, they do not age, they'll be the exact same age as when they retired 3 seasons afterwards. In addition to the sim is soooo god awful in 25 so nothing has burden. Yeah 25 was no where near perfect or as in depth as the ps2 gen of maddens. But this was the very first entry in the Xbox one and guy at least they attempted and could've built upon it and made things better but they scrapped it and Madden 16 wasn't the worst but I believe it accelerated us to what we have now. It crazy. You can literally return to some madden throughout the rebuilt phase (after PS2) and just pick and choose which one was your preferred because they always remove and add features and gameplay elements every single year. So it never actually improves year after year as it should. I'm currently playing M17, also it is not that bad. Madden 21play was more physics based compared to cartoon based at the time and plays don't really all play out the same because of it. I actually saw a sack where my guardian hauled the QB down by the back of his jersey at a really unscripted way you just will not see in Madden now. It's amazing because M18 is another older Madden I still have and it plays like trash. They started going more animation heavy I guess because it looked more crisp to them and maybe some Madden players, but it simply feels too scripted. The run game was dreadful, you either got 0-2 yards until the defense chose to all rush the LOS giving you a guaranteed TD which occurred at least two times per game. Along with the pass defense just seems to zig and zag at warp speed aimlessly all over the area making it impossible to genuinely read the area. People who are planning to buy Madden nfl 21 coins buy Madden 21, Why?
add to favorites Essential Information Of Mini Cement Plant   No  
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Mini cement plant is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower industries. It is mainly suitable for processing all kinds of non inflammable and explosive mineral materials below 9.3 Mohs hardness and below 6% humidity. It is an ideal choice for processing materials such as quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, talcum, ceramics, marble, granite, dolomite, bauxite, iron ore, barite, bentonite, coal gangue, coal and other materials. The fineness of materials can be adjusted from 0.613 mm to 0.033 mm. By means of adding special equipment inside the machine, the 30~80 powder can be produced. The whole set of equipment consists of blower, dust remover, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric control system, etc.
add to favorites I have bought every single madden since 01 about the day it surfaced   No  
I Won't Be Mut 21 coins buying madden new this year I have bought every single madden since 01 about the day it surfaced. This season I will be buying Madden 21. I am hoping you'll join me. A disgrace that they published those Franchise notes. They literally added nothing to franchise style lol unbelievable. My expectations were rather low but not this low. I have seen patches. I did exactly the exact same thing with madden 19 ended up buying madden 20 cause I am a moron.definitely bypassing madden 21. Every year lol, maybe I'll just buy. It's crazy what Madden 21 has become now. I have owned every madden since I think 99 and it was a huge part of my childhood. My father and I'd play with franchise mode progressed to my brother and I would play. Those PS2 and PS3 franchises were amazing and so much fun. Sadly Madden 21 is going to be the first time that I won't be purchasing Madden 21 online release. If it goes on sale for under $20, maybe I'll succumb but they've handled the Aussie players like shit for way too long. I am over it. Once again EA has neglected. They gave patch notes because the franchise mode for 21 to us. All notes were either patches or easy fixes that should have been made in madden 20. On the other side, Axis Football is making an game. Their franchise style already has features than Madden 20. Yes Madden 21play isn't up to par w madden, as it's a newer game and contains funds. SO BUY Madden 21. Buy Axis Football 20 that we may have a community game again. When does Axis Football release? What can you share about it? My friend and I play with franchise exclusively and we do miss personalization of unis and such. Would you import rosters of the players that are real? It released. U can get it idk bout ps4 IOS Android along with pc/Mac. They hear the neighborhood and want something added they do it, if ppl have a problem or many ppl. They are quickly improving and we will need to buy Madden 21 to provide recources to help them improve their own game to them. If u can import rosters I am not sure but I'm pretty sure it is coming shortly. Game is cheap so give it a shot. I'm with you. I've purchased on sale the past few years, however I do not even need them to have the ability to report a unit that was sold from me. I wouldn't ever tell someone how to invest their money, I've made some stupid buys in my life lol, but I hope everybody who's pissed about how EA manages Madden will boycott this season, or buy it used like you mentioned. The neighborhood was able to have their voices heard for games like Battlefront 2, No Man's ESO, Sky, along with others, so maybe something could be accomplished here. Madden is obviously a different monster with all of the younger kids who likely get Madden 21 and also the buy Madden 21 coins proportion of MUT players spending a ton on micro-transactions, but you will never know. It is just crazy to me that they have the exclusive license for simulation football and they do not even look interested in utilizing it.
add to favorites Grinding Mill Particle Size   No  
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After striking each other, a vortex motion is formed between the turntable and the casing, causing multiple blows, friction, and pulverization, and straight discharge from the lower portion. A closed loop is formed multiple times, controlled by a screening device to achieve the desired particle size. In the metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement and other industrial sectors, a large number of raw materials and recycled waste are processed every year with grinding mill. For example, in the concentrator, in order to achieve the separation of the useful minerals in the ore, it is necessary to crush the ore to the particle size required by the grinding process. It is necessary to crush the raw material with a pulverizing machine to the particle size required for the next operation. In coking plants, sinter plants, ceramics factories, glass industry, powder metallurgy and other departments, the crushing machinery must be used to crush the raw materials to the particle size required for the next operation.
add to favorites vertical roller mill manufacturer in China   No  
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SBM has more than 47 years of vertical roller mill manufacturing experience, is a professional vertical roller mill factory, in addition to the traditional vertical roller mill, also produces high-pressure suspension roller mill, Europe Various types and functions of the mill equipment, such as the ultrafine vertical roller mill, the micro-powder, the coarse powder mill, the functions of each model are different, and the selection should be based on the actual needs of the customer. Selection. SBM's after-sales service: 1. Responsible for organizing, coordinating and implementing after-sales service for users who order our products. 2. Organize the company department to collect customer feedback, timely develop implementation plans, and solve customer actual problems. 3. According to the needs of users, the company sent engineering and technical personnel to the site to design the site, design the best process and program. 4. Free technical training for customers. 5. According to the purchase contract, the company sent engineering and technical personnel to guide the installation and commissioning of the product.
add to favorites Dolomite Raymond Mill For Sale   No  
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Dolomite raymond mill is suitable for grinding various ores and other materials are widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industry can be divided into two kinds of dry and wet grinding methods, wet Dolomite raymond mill is the material wet ground water seepage, dry Dolomite raymond mill seepage dry grinding is not allowed. According to the same manner of discharge can be divided into two kinds of lattice type and overflow. Dolomite raymond mill is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device, material from the feed device into the compound by the air shaft into the mill screw evenly the first warehouse, there are ladder liner or corrugated liner inside the warehouse, and is equipped with different specifications of steel balls, rotating cylinder produces centrifugal force to the ball a certain height. After the fall, have severe impact on the material and abrasive. The material in the first position coarse, the single-compartment plate into the second position, the material is further ground in the warehouse, the final powder is discharged through the discharge grate plate to complete the grinding.
add to favorites The reason we're seeing 2K do it is because they've NBA 2K   No  
The thing is...your part was of this little audience (along with me); So much so I stopped buying NBA 2Ks if they publish and waited for sales. However, the majority of their money comes from the people that do exactly what every they need and buy VC. 2K is the incorrect game to check the theory of the $70 price tag. I would do it for NBA 2K such as 2K21 MT God of War. But not really for games which will push micro transactions and year pass(es) anyways. It seems a bit money hungry to me. The SSD will allow the microtransactions to be processed by your credit card at unprecedented speeds. I don't buy sport games each year, since I do not feel like the graphics/gameplay enhanced that much that justifies buying the brand new one every year. But I love buying a recent one years after the last one I purchased. As an example, I had 2K16, also 2K20 (before it being free with ps and ) was in a discount and I gave it a shot. I had a blast and it was fun. Never was someone that bothered about the MTX part of NBA 2K. I use to play with sport games together with friends when they encounter. The only thing I tried played Ultimate team. Loved the concept of itbut realized that you gotId make a lot of cash to be good in it. Just stick to the core game and you're fine. As 2K21, I will not get it at start for. The only reason to purchase the next version would be im curious in, the next gen port of this. That those who don't like the grinding aspect. Most of the micro trades are for things and fosters to improve your player,the majority of which can be earned through only simply playing NBA 2K. And frankly I feel more of a success by working hard to receive it spending money to acquire things. I myself chose fuck it and I will purchase NBA 2K for your own ps5, as apparently there'll be features not present in the ps4 ver, as it goes inline with what I said before.. I'll purchase a game game new if a it's the very first one for your peticular console, or if there were a significant improvement to NBA 2K... otherwise I would buy used or if available. Why NBA 2K is currently increasing their costs and they will get away with it The reason we're seeing 2K do it is because they've NBA 2K that appeals to people outside of the hardcore games sector and that's the same reason they'll eliminate it. I have seen many are saying that they will boycott NBA 2K, it won't really make a difference. The individuals that are purchasing NBA 2K most likely don't understand its going to become more expensive on next gen and they most likely don't care. Additionally, the majority of buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins them do not know how transactions that are rampant and egregious are. It's only a matter of time before other do the same. I believe games should increase their costs to be clear, I simply don't think NBA 2K ought to be the one to start. Let me know what you guys think!
add to favorites Ultraifne Vertical Mill For Gypsum   No  
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The use of gypsum powder is very wide, especially in the construction industry, mainly to do indoor wall blocks, gypsum board, interior decoration, is mainly used in wall paint, use gypsum is also quick drying gypsum wall leveling, caulking, blocking line ditch, ground leveling gypsum etc.. With the continuous improvement and upgrading of processing technology, gypsum powder milling industry has been further developed. The new gypsum ultrafine vertical mill is the preferred equipment to enhance gypsum product added value, occupies a large market share in the market, and is deeply loved by the industry.
add to favorites Since this is only speaking accommodate all ability levels when possible   No  
Yeah, you do not need to conduct cheese plays to acquire on All-Madden, you just need to discover have some decent generic audibles, and browse coverages. Most of the time that I know when the ball is snapped and where I'm moving and there is no need to route. I developed a elusive back the hell do I need to audible loading the box on zone 31, to if they can't stop him? Begin calling some in paths, if you detect man blitzes running and shit along with your wideouts. Should you need to score 40 points to win Madden NFL, your defense is your problem and not the cheese. It's awful. I played all-pro in madden 19 and didn't lose a game. I flipped it up to Mut 20 coins all-madden in madden 20 and that I was winning Madden NFL, but it was not fun and also the losses were because Madden NFL 21 would decide that I'd lose. Shit is so broken. Can you play simulation style? What's the feeling to get an offline franchise and what quarter spans etc do you do? Simulation mode is used by me. I typically play all pro with the accelerated clock and 10 qtrs turned on. The anomalies I still can't solve is below average QB's still light up me with only a few passes a match. However, I understand some cheesy defensive blitzes that allow my to create a game. It's my way. Thank you for sharing it. I'm fairly new and went from simulation 5 minutes quarters to all madden sim play the moments, but it is just not felt really realistic or gratifying. I will try out everything you mentioned. Do you alter any BTW? I need a company would attempt to re-think football (and sports Madden NFL) layout to where the participant physics and tests of the sport itself dictate the problem, not sliders or anything. There should be no difficulty levels in any way. Perhaps sliders to change physics that is certain if needed, or allowing users to have fun. But in Madden if you play the CPU on all-pro, winning a game as the underdog would be no big thing. Much CPU gamers should not be in a position to chase user DBs or WRs down just since the CPU needs an edge for difficulty. Another illustration is play NCAA 14 on default Heisman as Alabama vs Rice and watch your Alabama OL and DL get completely dominated. Ratings simply don't matter and that requires a lot of pleasure out of playing sports simulations. No difficulty levels are rather weird given the disparities in skill and experience. How do you design a game that's an proper difficulty for both novices and those who've played for 10 years? You can't please everybody. Not every game is created for each and every participant. We have sports Madden NFL that have difficulties and sliders, I am saying I want to see one that completely throws that structure out the window and starts fresh. They will need to re-think the participant rating system also. I don't know. We aren't thinking of right now, when you unchain your creativity from the status-quo you open the door for inventions. It would have to be jobless, unless EA did it. I doubt any business out there really wants to undertake 2-5 years creating a soccer game. Not a simple thing to explain to shareholders. Since this is only speaking accommodate all ability levels when possible, but don't sacrifice the integrity of this simulation to achieve that. We have that product. You will find Madden NFL that I feel do it really well. If you have played FIFA (Madden for soccer), then the problem levels follow what you're saying more. The toughest difficult isn't just producing the CPU players faster and more powerful, rather the AI makes quicker, better decisions. I think teams within the business, although ironically made by EA.I'm not defending a provider. I am not saying EA is some bastion of justice. I AM saying that regardless of motive, it was a great thing. Most people in general (not merely reddit) can't see past black and white. Cynicism inspires outrage and outrage inspires clicks. This is a significant element. Studies have been completed by youtube for one, they would like to know it and since it's a massive portion of their company. There has been testimony that I've watched but can't find at this time. What they want is participation and the negatively something is that the more folks will click it as it comes up on cheap Madden 20 coins your recommendations.
add to favorites vertical mill production process   No  
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The grinding pressure is set too large or too small, or the normal pressure in the normal production due to insufficient and unbalanced nitrogen gas pressure causes the upstream and downstream movements of the grinding roller to cause vibration. The treatment measures are: adjust the pressure and check the nitrogen pressure. The retaining ring is too low to maintain a certain layer of material, and the material is thin and causes vibration; the retaining ring is too high, the material is thick, the air volume is reduced, the discharging is not smooth, and the differential pressure is high, causing vibration. In the vertical mill production process, excessive vibration is a common fault. The reasons and solutions for excessive vibration are as above, and I hope to help users.
add to favorites The Working Environment Of Vertical Mill   No  
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Vertical roller mill oil leakage is a very serious problem, especially in this era of rising oil prices. The vertical roller mill roller oil leakage is not only a waste of resources, but also seriously affects the normal operation of the slag vertical roller mill. Therefore, this paper mainly makes a simple analysis and solution for the phenomenon of vertical roller mill oil leakage! Analysis of the cause of oil leakage in vertical roller mill roller There are two main points in the cause of vertical roller mill roller oil leakage: First, the reason for the grinding roller seal. At present, the vertical roller mill roller seal mainly adopts three skeleton lip seals, one dustproof and two oilproof. However, the working environment of the vertical roller mill is very harsh, and it belongs to the working condition of high dust, high temperature and shock vibration, so the seal wears quickly. And the sealing and replacement is very difficult. It is necessary to turn the roller and remove the grinding roller from the rocker arm. The work is time-consuming, laborious, and the maintenance cost is high.
add to favorites Wet Process Of Limestone Production Line   No  
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Limestone is the industrial slag of wet process phosphoric acid, is the largest discharged waste in chemical industry. As the rapid development of economy, the discharging of limestone is rising. The waste captured large fields, and may also pollute the air and underground water. At present, the waste limestone cannot be well utilized. Limestone grinding mill is needed, Limestone can be used as cement retarder, gypsum board, construction gypsum powder, chemical material, roadbed, ceramic, gypsum fiber, etc. Use limestone to produce light calcium carbonate is a good way for resource utilization. Limestone light calcium carbonate has high added-value, the technology also protected the environment and create economy value.
add to favorites the fineness of ultrafine mill   No  
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Under the action of ultrafine mill, the fineness of the product can be adjusted freely between 300 mesh and 2500 mesh according to the demand, and the fineness can reach D97 ≤ 5μm at one time, which is the leading level in the domestic industry and has obtained national patent. For the environmental pollution caused by the production of barite plant area, ultra fine grinding mill is also equipped with pulse dust collector and muffler, which greatly reduces the dust pollution, truly energy-saving and environmental protection, but also makes barite enterprises The overall production environment has undergone fundamental changes.
add to favorites shut down of barite mill   No  
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To ensure the safety of production, the barite mill will have abnormal noise in any part, or the load will suddenly increase and stop immediately to check and eliminate the fault to avoid major accidents. When you continue to turn on the machine, you must take out the remaining material in the mill. Otherwise, the current will be too large when starting up, which will affect the startup. When shutting down, the machines should be shut down in the following order:
  • 1. Close the feeder to stop feeding;
  • 2. Stop the host after about one minute;
  • 3. Stop the blower after blowing off the residual powder;
  • 4. Turn off the analyzer afterwards. The order of shutdown is: feeder → host → blower → analyzer. Note: After the hoist transports the material to the silo for a certain amount, the crusher is stopped first and then the lift is stopped. This should be changed by the stock amount.
  • 5. The grinding machine is not allowed to refuel at any time during normal work.
add to favorites Really the most tragic loss at the background of PSO2   No  
It was pretty frustrating to do some parts of Phantasy Star Online 2, moreso since I solved the difficulty and did it almost all with off-classes. It worked somewhat, however the problem is that the difficulty is all around the area, so when you die it's in the middle of a 30 minute quest where your only thought is"I realllllly don't want to PSO2 Meseta start over" I held out on hardcore before the very last one. I finally brought out the best I had at the moment, but I wasn't going to experience a 30m ultimate dungeon solo again as a force, and need to beat bosses not designed to be solo'd after 10-20m of them. I felt kindof insulted by the difficulty difference between the last assignment on Casual and Hardcore. On casual you might as well not be there, whatever dies in one hit. Whereas on hardcore you could die immediately from a error. I'm on my 4th effort versus this bastard, died as a result of camera. I only wish the AI actually did things, at least distract him correctly instead of running towards me if I get too much away... I'm resorting to buying a strong light technician on the marketplace now and seeing if it makes it feasible or when I'm going to hide behind a pillar casting Namegid lv.14. Tech equilibrium is so whack, I do not know who made the potency%s, watched some elements literally did double the dps of the others, and thought"yeah that is nice". It is out of what I've been told because we are missing a remarkably basic facet of Force. That as well as also the Type-0 spells. I will say that spell damage is very perplexing in Phantasy Star Online 2. Without going through the rockbear repeatedly and accepting elemental weakness into account, it's hard to distinguish the usefulness of some charms. For instance Grants includes a lower potency than Illgrants, however, it appears to also have a faster charge time. Then you need to take into account some attacks may tick 4 occasions, some tick 6, and then ones such as Nazonde which essentially tick endlessly. Then you got spells which are good on paper, but are really awful trigger the missile never strikes. Like Illgrants losing out to Ragrants in near range will go the target around. Im currently doing this with my own bouncer gear and on a level 20 braver mainclass and kill bosses in like 3-4 PAs lol granted it might be more difficult to put up this if you don't have a dex mag for simple equipping of gear that the needs high dex. Really the most tragic loss at the background of PSO2 The English dub is decent! But as before stopping in Japanese somebody who sat, it is not any better in English the time. I am new to PSO2 entirely but I don't think the English dub is awful in any way, very tropey vocal archetypes but I sort of anticipated that part. Episode 1 story on the other hand has been fairly dull. Episode 1 has sadly been boring. That's why I never actually got through the story in JP and was always thankful that no material is can you buy meseta on pso2 locked to it. The Matter Board is gone now. There are a lot of individuals who think if the voices arnt exact copies of this jap dub then its a horrible shitty dub since they're seeing a familiar narrative being"bastardized." As always people prefer the first way they saw things if both manners are good.
add to favorites limestone powder processing   No  
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According to the unique physical and chemical properties of limestone, domestic mining mill manufacturers have launched a limestone mill system for limestone powder processing. The limestone mill is a kind of mining mill, mainly used for processing such as limestone. Class of ore products. The production process and equipment of lime powder, the gangue is removed from the limestone transported from the quarry, and then the limestone is coarsely crushed by a crusher, and then the limestone powder is obtained by a limestone mill, and finally the mill is classified by a classifier. Powders meeting the particle size requirements are packaged as products, otherwise they are returned to the mill for re-grinding.
add to favorites Key to Success of Ultrafine Mill   No  
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Easy to transport and install With ultrafine mill unique structural design, it occupies a smaller space and is more convenient for transportation, installation, operation and maintenance;

Efficient, less polluting The ultrafine mill produced by our company adopts electrical automation control, which effectively reduces the failure rate and labor cost of the equipment, realizes high-yield and high-efficiency production, and achieves a good production environment with low noise and less pollution;

Fineness can be adjusted freely Powder grinding fineness can be adjusted between 50-450 mesh, and the applicability is more flexible and wide. SBM ultrafine mill is the best choice for non-metallic ore grinding.

Long parts replacement cycle The replacement cycle of the grinding roller and the grinding ring is long, so that the shortcomings of the replacement period of the wearing parts of the centrifugal pulverizer are eliminated.

add to favorites optimized design structure of vertical mill   No  
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In the limestone mine production, SBM own strong development strength and rich experience, every SBM's limestone production site is tailored according to the customer’s actual needs and regional environment, which can maximize the use efficiency of the equipment, to help customers create value. vertical mill is common grinding mill equipment used in Limestone production line. It has optimized design structure and stable performance, limestone grinding mill is ideal equipment for improving operation efficiency and improving product quality. Limestone is an excellent natural gift to mankind. It is distributed in many parts of our country. Calcium carbonate is the main component of limestone. Limestone is the main raw material for producing glass. ultrafine vertical mill:
add to favorites I put of the descriptions that are badge with discoveries that aren't in the nba 2k20   No  
I put of the descriptions that are badge with discoveries that aren't in the nba 2k20 discriptions of the badges. I cite that the fosters in Floor General and Defensive Leader, and also what they do, which isn't actually mentioned in the descriptions that are 2K MT generic. Unpluckable is your badge that is best playmaking. Please be free to express what your playmaking badge would be. I just find it rather easy to slip. I'm speaking about the playmaking badge for the two facilities and guards, so that I can't place because that's not so helpful for men Quick First Step. It is time to get rid of the neighbourhood It is apparent 2K would like to compete for some marketshare with other aggressive marquee titles somehow, but we still have yet to see a working matchmaking platform (even in a casual sense) and let us be true - 2K is cover to triumph. There is not any argument against this - trades DIRECTLY affect - that is a fact and unsurprisingly, it's been a game-breaking problem in the past couple of years. After 2K16 I stopped buying the games, but with large changes promised this year I purchased 2K19... And wow. Ahead of the 2K fanboys step in, let's look at this in a different light: Picture if you had been playing Overwatch and in order to do your placement matches, then you had to sit one of Numbani's spawns and watch like 3 complete games prior to having the opportunity for playing one each time AND hazard forcefully out. And then when you start playing, so as to cater to this input you need to correct your reaction time. In addition to that, because you decided you didn't want to spend additional money in the sport but your opponents failed, D.Va's nuke is buffed and obliterates the whole map or some dumb shit like this. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? You think if this were the situation the game would have done?. At least it's far better than nba live lol" and then we read the same complaints annually until the hype train begins again. Why? To explain, at its core I have appreciated the basketball games of TakeTwo. With animations and overall demonstration, 2K has been an awesome basketball sim and there is not any other sport like it in the present time. It is time. It's time to eliminate the"got-next" playground system. It's time to resolve the fiasco and also the input lag. It does not work. We KNOW it doesn't work. Folks should not be waiting 84 years for a JRC match and nobody cares about drifting about a shitty region that provides zero worth comparatively to a regular menu. I totally know the complaints around little nuances with cheesing cartoons and tiny glitches in-game and shit, but we are overlooking fundamental issues that other big titles simply don't have. People are buy NBA 2K MT Coins spending money in your game to play with it, not to wait 45 mins for a casual game of park with the chance that you might like it.