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add to favorites Barite Ore Grinding Plant Features Cars - Economy cars 2020-12-14
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As a barite ore grinding plant manufacturer, SBM manufactures various types of barite ore grinding planting equipment to meet the production, marble, limestone, fly ash and coal powder. Among them, barite mill is favorite grinding equipment for customers. It is also excellent equipment that guikuang has added a number of patented technologies to upgrade and replace it on the basis of traditional barite ore grinding plants. It has been valued and loved in the field. The barite ore grinding plant can grind 80-400 mesh powder, the product structure is scientific, the design is reasonable, and the unit capacity of single equipment can be improved. It is excellent equipment for the GK grinding project.
add to favorites Features of clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building Cars - Pickups 2020-12-10
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Clear tempered glass belongs to safety glass. Toughened glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of glass, chemical, or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass. When the glass bears external force, it first counteracts the surface stress, thus improving the bearing capacity, enhancing the glass's own wind compression, heat and cold resistance, impact, and so on. Clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building is made by cutting ordinary annealed glass into the required size, then heating it to about 700 degrees near the softening point, and then cooling it rapidly and evenly (usually 5-6MM glass is heated for 240 seconds at 700 degrees and cooled for about 150 seconds). 8-10MM glass is heated at 700 degrees for about 500 seconds and cooled for about 300 seconds. In short, according to the thickness of glass, the choice of heating and cooling time is also different. Clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building shower wall panels is a type of glass with even compressive stress on the surface which is made by heating float glass to a nearly softening point and then cooling it down rapidly by air. During the instant cooling process, the exterior of glass is solidified due to rapid cooling while the interior of the glass is cooled down relatively slowly. This process will bring the glass surface compressive stress and the interior tensile stress which can improve the mechanical strength of glass by germination and result in good thermal stability. Features of clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building 1. 5 times harder than ordinary float glass, stronger resistance to thermal breakage than annealed or heat strengthened glass. 2. Clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building once breakage occurs, the glass disintegrates into small cubical fragments, which are relatively harmless to the human body. 3. It withstands an abrupt temperature change of 220 Centigrade. 4. Sizes are produced as per customer request. Please notes of clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building Clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building specification should be confirmed before putting the sheet glass into the toughening furnace, the tempered glass can't be cut anymore after out of the toughening furnace, otherwise, it will be broken.
add to favorites Technological Innovation Of Ultrafine Mill Cars - Economy cars 2020-12-09
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The ultrafine mill covers a number of patented technology, is technological innovation based on the R-type ultrafine mill, widely used in electric power, metallurgy, cement, chemicals, building materials, coatings, paper, rubber, medicine , Food and other areas of production and life. The ultrafine mill is replacement equipment of the traditional ultrafine milling machine. Wide usage, simple operation, easy maintenance, stable performance, high cost-effective, 30% -40% higher output than the traditional Raymond Mill, is a kind of economical and practical ultrafine milling equipment. Focus on grinding and processing of diabase, clay, graphite, clay, coal gangue, wollastonite, lime, zircon sand, bentonite, manganese ore, gypsum, calcite and other Mohs hardness below 7 non-metallic mineral ores. The equipment has a number of national patent technologies; performance reached the national leading level.
add to favorites The Precautions In Production Of Ultrafine Mill Cars 2020-12-08
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Because of the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection of ultrafine mill, it is welcomed by the majority of users. If you want to improve the production efficiency of ultrafine mill, it is not only necessary for manufacturers to improve the equipment, but also requires users to operate correctly in production and pay attention to maintenance. This article mainly introduces the precautions in the production of ultrafine mill, mainly in the following three points: Incorrect operation not only wastes time, but also causes some loss to the equipment. Mastering the correct operation mode of the ultrafine mill can directly prevent the occurrence of production failures and ensure the personal safety of the operators. Therefore, before the ultrafine mill is officially put into production, it is necessary to carry out strict training for the operators, master the operating procedures of the ultrafine mill, and the treatment methods for production failures.
add to favorites I want to be able to RuneScape Cars - Economy cars 2020-12-08
ATM I am training at spiders, I was wondering if there was anything better that RuneScape gold I could train at? I want to receive 90 str then train it via slayer so I can make some money. Can this method good enough? Or should I train it somewhere else. I want to be able to afk the monster too, like I could with spiders. Also, is it a good setup or if I train in something else? Alright so I dont know much about the barrows things when it comes to placing them into a gear setup. . And I sort of want as part of it juss to have it. If anyone can assist me put atleast ONE barrow item in my range/melee setup itd be appreciated,or whether it can be used it both that buy old school rs gold can be great too.
add to favorites Specification of China BT-150M tool grinder Cars - Pickups 2020-12-07
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The BT-150M tool grinder model is a kind of universal machine. It has both the characters of a universal cylindrical grinding machine and the characters of a tool and cutter grinding machine and is suitable for external grinding internal grinding and surface grinding as well as for sharpening genera cutting tools such as various milling cutters, reamers, pinion cutters, and straight fluted hobs, etc, This machine is suitable for common small machine plants, tool workshops, repair workshops and research institutes of science and technology. China BT-150M tool grinder the working table uses dovetail guide rail or high precision straight line roiling guide rails, good back and forth movement, high stability, steady bed platform, dexterous operation. Semi-auto tool sharpening machine motor can rotate 360° in the horizontal plane, the grinding wheel can be clockwise and anticlockwise rapidly. When grinding different kinds of material's cutter, you can turn the grinding wheel, which can add safety and reduce the time of replacing and dressing the grinding wheel, adding controllability of cutter grinding. A standard accessory can grind lathe tool, end milling cutter, face, and side cutters, hobbing cutters, circular paper Sharpening scope: In the hole, outer annulus, column, trench, taper, end mill, disc cutter, lathe tool, square shape, and diamond cutting tool, gear cutting tool, and so on. Feature of semi-auto tool sharpening machine 1. Grinding capacity: Dia:3 ~32mm (Straight shank & taper shank, the taper shank can be extended to 76MM) double wheels. It only need to rotate the motor when want to grind the tool of a different material. It can increase the safety & save time for changing & repairing the grinding wheel. 2. The kinds of the grinding tool include drills, step drills, taps, lips of end mills, round bars, etc. 3. Adopts precision 4" 6 pawls self-centering chuck, clipping one time. 4. China BT-150M tool grinder can grind the blade of drills and do the paring of the drill's abdomen. The angle of drills, both sides, and the length of the blade are the same after grinding. It can keep the accuracy of the center of drills without off-center. 5. Double cams: The cam of grinding drills & The cam of grinding taps Specification of China BT-150M tool grinder Technical Data: Longitudinal travel of table: 90mm Cross travel of saddle: 150mm The rotary angle of wheel head: 360degree Point angle: 90degree-180degree Size of wheel: 125 x 50 x 31.75mm Speed of wheel: 2800 RPM Motor: 3/4 HP, 220V/380V N.W./G.W.: 95kgs/120kgs Size of packing (L x W x H): 820 x 550 x 670mm
add to favorites Fly Ash Vertical Mill Manufacturer Cars 2020-12-04
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In the building material industry, the fly ash is used in brick making, road and dam building, backfill project, etc. which will high save the cost and improve the project quality. With the rapid development of powder industry, the effluent fly ash vertical roller mill is increasing year by year. If the fly ash is exhausted into the air without any dispose, it will pollute the air. If exhausted into the water, the toxic chemicals in it will do harm to human and other lives. Obviously, the integrated utilization of fly ash is extremely significant not only for the resource and energy saving, but also for the environment protection. SBM machinery can supply the fly ash vertical roller mill and powder making machine,the vertical roller mill and powder making machine is for grinding materials with hardness less than 7 in Moh’s scale and humidity less than 6 percent such as kaolin, limestone, calcite, marble,talcum, barite , gypsum, dolomite, bentonite mud,mica, pyrophyllie, sepiolite, diatomite, graphite, alunite, fluorite, potassium feldspar, phosphorite, pigment and so on.
add to favorites I was attempting to RuneScape Cars - Economy cars 2020-12-03
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I was attempting to figure out how long it would require me to OSRS gold receive 99 rc. Even if I use body gloves, then it will take me about 1000 hours. . .if I rc for 2 hours a day, it'll end up taking me around 17 months, and that is not likely to happen, lol. I truly don't wish to spend 2 decades just to buy 99 rc. I am not just wealthy, so I must mine my own ess if I'm likely to do so, and that is a decent amount (can not remember how much exactly, but cheap RuneScape gold it looked like alot).
add to favorites Features of 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers Cars - Pickups 2020-12-02
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3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers dedicated to the transport of various containers, and also can be used to transport ordinary growth goods with its platform. It has sufficient strength and mainly used in the transport systems, such as ships, ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, multimedia transport systems. 40ft Flatbed Container Trailer can carry 40ft and two 20ft containers. The flatbed trailer capacity ranges from 20 tons to 80 tons with 2 axles, 3 axles, and 4 axles. We use high quality tensile steel to reduce beam fracture probability. The main beam is opting for high tensile steel Q345B and the axle can be selected of BPW or FUWA brand. Advantage of 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers 1. Finite Element analysis used in a vehicle to promote product performance. 2. 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers whole Trailer body Electrophoresis Painting, resistance, painting effect can reach above 10 years. 3. High Strength full-thickness Steel, titanium content of 0.98‰, which ensure Beam and frame’s Toughness and strength. 4. 42 tough ribs design, Ensure the safety and carrying capacity of the trailer. 5. Especially designed anti-Tire abrasion suspension system, Prevent tire offset after loading Features of 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers 1.The body of the vehicle is made of high-quality steel, advanced technology, and strict production. The whole vehicle has a reasonable structure, reliable performance, simple operation, and a beautiful appearance. 2.The series of 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers are of the beam-type structure, and the stringers are straight or gooseneck. The web height is welded from 400mm to 550mm manganese plate, the longitudinal beam is automatically buried and welded, the frame is shot-peened, the beam is inserted into the stringer and welded. 3.Widely used in different areas, mainly used in long-haul freight transport. 4.Reasonable structure, strong rigidity, and strength can be used to impact the bearing of the strike. 5.Customized design to meet different customer needs. 6. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laser cutting, robot automatic welding, reliable quality 7. Advanced painting technology KTL electrophoresis + powder spraying, instead of the traditional paint process, has a good anti-corrosion effect and long paint life.
add to favorites Configuration instructions of ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery Cars - Pickups 2020-11-27
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Automatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery, the machine has the advantage of compact structure, easy to operate, high production efficiency. It is applicable to fill and seal plastic cups, bowls, boxes used to be filled with liquid or cream materials, such as yogurt, milk, jelly, fruit salad, pulp, mineral water, and so on. Features of ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery 1. It adopts a 6mm stainless steel plate mainframe. It is elegant, bright, and clean. It can be customized according to a select 12# U-shaped carbon steel structure, 12# U-shaped stainless steel structure, or 50mm stainless steel tube structure. 2. The liquid contact parts adopt 304 or 316 stainless steel material with food hygiene requirements, other parts are H62 copper, anti-acid & anti-alkali aluminum-magnesium alloy template, 304 stainless steel plates. 3. ThisAutomatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery adopt with an electrical, pneumatic hybrid drive. It is running smoothly. It is automatic, from sending cups, injected with fruit pulp, twice filling (pneumatic valve control level), send roll film or cover the foil lids by the manipulator, twice sealing, pneumatic ribbon coding, film correction, twice heat sealing, single cut, waste film recycling, product output. 4. It detects the color code and corrects the location of the seal film to ensure an accurate location by photoelectric eye. 5. We can provide you with a different range filling pump. 6. We can design kinds of personalized custom parts, such as acid and alkali resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy template, filling system, sealing system, cutting, etc. 7. You can select a traditional circuit control system or a PLC control system. 8. We can design any new model according to your requirement. Configuration instructions of ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery 1. Auto drop cups, it adopts with pneumatic chuck mechanical stripping dropping cup. 2. Auto filling, according to the filling material characteristics to choose a suitable filling way, such as filling solid particles such as fruit flesh, liquid filling methods, etc. 3. Print code, it adopts pneumatic ribbon coding by the heater. 4. Twice sealing, first sealing is plane, second sealing is the thread. Optional configuration of ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery 1. Manipulator transfer the products to the conveyor line 2. It is a closed space from injecting with fruit pulp to cover the foil lids, and it adopts toughened glass and stainless steel square tube 3. Automatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery can be equipped with a HEPA air filtration system by a Laminar flow fan in the closed space. 4. Pipeline within the closed cleaning. 5. Foil lids and roll film. You can select the sealing material one of them or both.
add to favorites Let's not forget that one of EVE echoes Cars - Economy cars 2020-11-26
These guys are only living rent free fromy'all's heads.Maybe ify'all put in half the effort that EVE Mobile ISK you do brigading into fighting, then perhapsy'all will possess videos with struggles like these up on reddit too. Until then stay classy.You are becoming downvoted because you're bringing nothing to the dialogue. SHH fully stated the results of the battle... Station was defended, fantastic battle was had, kills were reported, SHH left and went home after a fun night. What more is there to say? For a person claiming to be an"outside observer" according to your own message history, you sure do love piling SHH members, every time that they post... Perhaps look into getting a new hobby child this isn't a good look for you.I'm entitled to my own opinion making out you won once you lost is well, the epitome of propaganda. I also could not care less about karma so.What part of this is propoganda? The area where SHH simply stated the facts, posted a video along with the evidence of killmails? Or the area where members of both alliances are congratulating each other on a battle well fought along with a channel well defended? Additionally for a person who"doesn't care about karma" you sure talk about it a fair sum in every single one of your posts.You're floundering now on your arguments lol.Please help me understand how is it that you're so obsessed with GOOD FIGHTS nevertheless use that logo for your YouTube profile?For anybody who didn't realize it here is a primer. Doesn't the justification seem somewhat like Southerners who claim that stars and bars are history? Let's also not forget that one of their leaders had been banned from an EO tournament for racist tropes. This is a dumpster fire of an alliance.Huh that is interesting considering the next:I love this rumor. I wasn't involved in any shape or form together with the alliance tournament you're speaking about. Nice story you have attempted to split out. Heck don't hesitate to contact CCP and inquire. Proceed ahead.It is kind of pathetic that you're trying to attach real life implications to a movie game. Don't you need a break from the shitty year which the majority of men and women appear to be having. You aren't involved, yet the leader of the EE SHH alliance would be the one who did it. Lol dude. You are screwing up your own narrative. They're implying that I was involved.Are you guys not in precisely the exact same business? Are you alright with after a dude who performs clear alt-right dog whistles?Last I checked they are adults and thanks to some beautiful little portion of their constitution they are allowed to express themselves how ever they want. That being said take your virtue signaling politics elsewhere.Did you choose a civics class? Does the ministry supply the right to cheap eve echoes isk free speech in non-public areas?
add to favorites Bauxite Vertical Roller Mill For Sale Cars - Economy cars 2020-11-25
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Under the new situation of economic development, based on the SBM powder market, focusing on equipment R&D and manufacturing mill, vertical roller mill, highlighting the manufacturing of vertical mill, superfine grinding mill, high efficiency of powder making, is the preferred equipment of powder processing field. What kind of grinding equipment can be used for 200 mesh bauxite powders? The new bauxite vertical mill manufactured by SBM is a technology updating equipment based on traditional milling machine, is very helpful in improve processing efficiency, reduce the unit energy consumption. Bauxite is mainly composed of alumina, a hydrated alumina containing impurities, and a kind of earth like mineral; it is white or grayish white with brown or light red color. The main composition of bauxite can be divided into raw materials and clinker. Bauxite is mainly used in the aluminum smelting industry. It is used in the fields of national defense, aviation, automotive, electrical, chemical, daily necessities and so on. It can also be used in precision casting, aviation, automobile, electrical, chemical and daily life.
add to favorites The function of gooseneck skeleton container trailer Cars - Pickups 2020-11-24
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LUYI Gooseneck skeleton container trailer is made of standard steels-Q345 and Q235. The frame beam is welded by a laser tracking welding machine and polished by a shot blasting machine to ensure quality at the beginning. For export, we use famous brand parts, such as the JOST brand kingpin and landing leg, WBACO brake valve. This Gooseneck skeleton container trailer specially designed for 40ft container, 40ft high cube container, 40ft flat rack container, 40ft open top container, we can also design another model according to your different requirements, such as an extendable flatbed trailer for transporting wind blade, steel pipes and fittings and other long items, flatbed trailer with an upright column for log loading, etc. Gooseneck skeleton container trailer applicable with all standard and high cube container sizes including 2x20ft or 1x40ft heavy.Manual operation for reduced complexity.Low weight, low rolling resistance design.Market-leading components including JOST, BPW, FUWA. In general, the flatbed trailer suit for carrying loads of 40 ton~60 tons of weight. Actually, the gooseneck skeleton container trailer is the simplest trailer for dry bulk cargo, we also can offer another model according to your different requirements, the extendable flatbed trailer for transporting wind blade, steel pipes and fittings and other long items, flatbed trailer with an upright column for log loading,20ft flatbed trailer for transporting 20ft container,40ft flatbed trailer for transporting 2x20 ft container and 1x 40ft container, and flatbed trailer with the front wall and so on. Features of gooseneck skeleton container trailer 1. Gooseneck skeleton container trailer Steel frames are built with top-class hot rolled or rolled steel plate, automatic welded longitudinal beam, and adopting advanced sanding and painting process as preliminary treatment. 2. Different types of suspension are designed for the various operating conditions: Bogie suspension; Air suspension; Mechanical suspension. We can make the order according to the customer's needs. 3. We have State-of-the-art detection devices: Components, hardness, and phase of metal are analyzed to ensure the standards of processed material and the quality of finished products. The function of gooseneck skeleton container trailer 1. Gooseneck skeleton container trailer widely used, which is mainly used for long-haul freight transport, ex: 20 ft or 40 ft container. 2. We can design and manufacture a skeleton truck trailer according to your exact requirements, ex: You can be required to promote the front axle or use the air suspension or choose the straightness type or goose neck type.
add to favorites Advantages And Characteristics Of Sand Washer Cars - Economy cars 2020-11-24
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Bauxite is mainly used in the aluminum smelting industry. It is used in the fields of national defense, aviation, automotive, electrical, chemical, daily necessities and so on. It can also be used in precision casting, aviation, automobile, electrical, chemical and daily life. It can be used to produce aluminate cement, abrasive materials, ceramic industry and chemical industry. It can also be used in the field of refractory products. Sand washing machine is an ideal choice for bauxite grinding area, according to the needs of customers; we can customize the reasonable configuration, with more scientific processing scheme to help customers’ revenue increasing. Therefore, the price of the bauxite sand washing machine made in this way is more scientific and is in line with the actual production demand of customers.
add to favorites Kaolin Mineral Jaw Crusher Description Cars 2020-11-23
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Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, mainly composed of kaolinite, halloysite, hydromica, illite, montmorillonite and quartz, feldspar and other minerals, often mixed with pyrite, limonite, anatase, quartz, chalcedony, alum, etc. jaw crusher working principle Kaolin is widely used in ceramics, paper, rubber, plastics and refractory industries due to its excellent processabilities such as plasticity, cohesiveness, sinterability and fire resistance. There are three main types of the genesis of kaolin deposits: weathering, sedimentary and hydrothermal alterations. The processing of kaolin ore depends on the nature of the ore and the end-use of the product. There are two processes used in industrial production: the dry process and wet process. Usually, hard kaolin is produced by the dry process, and soft kaolin is produced by a wet process.
add to favorites Stone Crusher Machine Main Belt Info Cars - Economy cars 2020-11-20
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The stone crusher machine is equipped with a Carter C9 engine with a maximum power of 262 kW and a total mass of 42500 kg. The silo is controlled by hydraulic control and has a volume of 7m3. The feeder adopts vibrating grid feeding mode. Stone crusher machine is used for the crusher. The feed port size is 1100×700mm, the maximum feed size is 630mm, the CSS adjustment range is 40-175mm, and the production capacity can reach 80-400t/h. The machine is driven by hydraulic motor. The main belt has a width of 100mm, a maximum discharge height of 3300mm, a walking track width of 500mm and a length of 3850mm. It can be operated by remote control and remote control and suspends the self-cleaning type of iron removal device. The machine can also be combined with QA340 mobile grading and screening machine to form a mobile crushing and screening station for engineering construction, urban construction waste treatment, mining and other fields.HAZEMAG MP1000 crawler type mobile crushing stationHAZEMAG is a leading manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment in China, integrates R&D, production, sales, technical services and engineering machinery, provides customers with a full range of crushing and screening equipment and complete solutions.
add to favorites Product Function of 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer Cars - Pickups 2020-11-19
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40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer is specially designed to carry various cargo containers. You can choose to transport one 20ft,40ft 0r 45 ft container or two 20 ft containers at one time. The only difference is the number of locks required for specific transportation applications. Shandong Luyi Vehicle Co., Ltd. adopt advanced electrophoretic painting, which is the same process as car panting. High strength special steel. Select domestic and foreign well-known brands of accessories, which are more reliable and durable. Advantage of 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer 1.Customized design is available OEM ODM are welcome 2 Reply to your inquiry in 24 working hours 3 Experienced staffs will answer all your questions in professional and fluent English 4.Exclusive unique solution can be proof provided by our well-trained and professional engineers 5.Special discount can be offered with a large quantity 6.We will try our best to meet your requirements Product Function of 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer Commonly used for container transporting and other dry bulk cargo: PS: Dry bulk cargo: such as wood, crop pallets, bagged cement, floor tile, glass, equipment, stone, steel pipes, and so on. PS: customize available: (1) extendable flatbed trailer for long items, (2) flatbed trailer with an upright column for log loading, (3) flatbed trailer with groove / sleepers / portal frame / front wall / Sidewall /side pillars / D-rings. Small item, make your trailer more functional. Characteristics of 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer 1. Straight or gooseneck type, used to carry non-removable big size objects in the factory and construction site. 2. Made of high-strength steel, strong bearing, rational construction, and good stability. 3. The frame is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, beautiful weld joint, reliable performance. 4. Good looking, easy to sell. Use shot blasting to improve the surface.
add to favorites Barite Ore Grinding Plant For Sale Cars - Economy cars 2020-11-19
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Raymond mill is common equipment for non-metallic milling processing, commonly used in industrial production, barite, marble, limestone, barite and other minerals. Barite is a soil-like cryptocrystalline block with good adhesion, adsorption, catalytic, thixotropy, suspension, cation exchange, etc., barite ore grinding plant can help barite used in casting sand binder, quick-drying paint, iron ore pellet binder, drilling mud, paint, edible oil decolorization degreasing, petrochemical industry, animal feed, pesticide, Building materials, chemical products, food industry and other fields in the barite processing line, therefore, barite can promote the rapid and healthy development of the national economy of non-metallic mineral.
add to favorites Really pricey and will need to RuneScape Cars - Economy cars 2020-11-18
Hello, I could be quitting membership for RuneScape gold some time just to catch up on school work and was wondering what non members amour to buy Experts: Guthix: cheap and will have alot of money left over. Zammork: More expersive will have approximately 1 mil left over and looks ausome. . Sara: Expersive will have about 200k left over. Cons: Guthix:maybe not very nice bonus. Zamork:Preety good bonus will have to take into account 10 runs of green drgas to manage. Sara:Really pricey and will need to do alot of effort to afford. At the moment im leaning to purchasing Zamork is this the right choice? If I could have your remarks that rs gold 2007 would be appreciated.
add to favorites Main features of glass greenhouse for agricultural crops Cars - Pickups 2020-11-16
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Multi-span glass greenhouse for agricultural crops is characterized by a high light-transmitting rate, beautiful appearance, and stable structure, suitable for the plants in great demands for sunlight. The skeleton is made by hot-dip galvanized steel materials, connected by galvanized anti-rot bolts and screws without any welded points. Multi-span glass greenhouse for agricultural crops is a Venlo type of greenhouse covered by the glass as lighting materials. Multi-span glass greenhouse for agriculture crops has the longest life, which is suitable for use in a variety of areas, and all kinds of climate conditions. In the greenhouse industry, according to the size of the span and width, it is divided into many construction types, and with different using ways, it is divided into vegetable glass greenhouse, glass ecological greenhouse, seedling glass greenhouse, sightseeing glass greenhouse, and so on. Multi-span glass greenhouse for agricultural crops is luxurious, elegant, and permanent. They are usually for commercial, research, and luxury custom eco-park design. When you are inside of a glass greenhouse, the clarity of the glass will make you feel as if you are surrounded by your own cultivated p aradise. This alone is enough reason for so many gardening enthusiasts to choose glass over a PC sheet or plastic film for a greenhouse. Main features of glass greenhouse for agricultural crops 1. Strong structure in all types of greenhouses, for modern and high value-added agricutlure farming. 2. Excellent hot galvanized steel structures and accessories, anti-corrosion. 20 years of using life. 3. Proprietary technology in PE film, Famous brand.Guaranteed 4-6 years using life. 4. Ventilation and insect nets can give your planting in a comfortable situation. Increasing yield. 5. Cucumbers, tomatos, yield per 1000㎡ normally more than 15000kg.