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3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers dedicated to the transport of various containers, and also can be used to transport ordinary growth goods with its platform. It has sufficient strength and mainly used in the transport systems, such as ships, ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, multimedia transport systems. 40ft Flatbed Container Trailer can carry 40ft and two 20ft containers. The flatbed trailer capacity ranges from 20 tons to 80 tons with 2 axles, 3 axles, and 4 axles. We use high quality tensile steel to reduce beam fracture probability. The main beam is opting for high tensile steel Q345B and the axle can be selected of BPW or FUWA brand. Advantage of 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers 1. Finite Element analysis used in a vehicle to promote product performance. 2. 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers whole Trailer body Electrophoresis Painting, resistance, painting effect can reach above 10 years. 3. High Strength full-thickness Steel, titanium content of 0.98‰, which ensure Beam and frame’s Toughness and strength. 4. 42 tough ribs design, Ensure the safety and carrying capacity of the trailer. 5. Especially designed anti-Tire abrasion suspension system, Prevent tire offset after loading Features of 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers 1.The body of the vehicle is made of high-quality steel, advanced technology, and strict production. The whole vehicle has a reasonable structure, reliable performance, simple operation, and a beautiful appearance. 2.The series of 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers are of the beam-type structure, and the stringers are straight or gooseneck. The web height is welded from 400mm to 550mm manganese plate, the longitudinal beam is automatically buried and welded, the frame is shot-peened, the beam is inserted into the stringer and welded. 3.Widely used in different areas, mainly used in long-haul freight transport. 4.Reasonable structure, strong rigidity, and strength can be used to impact the bearing of the strike. 5.Customized design to meet different customer needs. 6. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laser cutting, robot automatic welding, reliable quality 7. Advanced painting technology KTL electrophoresis + powder spraying, instead of the traditional paint process, has a good anti-corrosion effect and long paint life.
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Automatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery, the machine has the advantage of compact structure, easy to operate, high production efficiency. It is applicable to fill and seal plastic cups, bowls, boxes used to be filled with liquid or cream materials, such as yogurt, milk, jelly, fruit salad, pulp, mineral water, and so on. Features of ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery 1. It adopts a 6mm stainless steel plate mainframe. It is elegant, bright, and clean. It can be customized according to a select 12# U-shaped carbon steel structure, 12# U-shaped stainless steel structure, or 50mm stainless steel tube structure. 2. The liquid contact parts adopt 304 or 316 stainless steel material with food hygiene requirements, other parts are H62 copper, anti-acid & anti-alkali aluminum-magnesium alloy template, 304 stainless steel plates. 3. ThisAutomatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery adopt with an electrical, pneumatic hybrid drive. It is running smoothly. It is automatic, from sending cups, injected with fruit pulp, twice filling (pneumatic valve control level), send roll film or cover the foil lids by the manipulator, twice sealing, pneumatic ribbon coding, film correction, twice heat sealing, single cut, waste film recycling, product output. 4. It detects the color code and corrects the location of the seal film to ensure an accurate location by photoelectric eye. 5. We can provide you with a different range filling pump. 6. We can design kinds of personalized custom parts, such as acid and alkali resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy template, filling system, sealing system, cutting, etc. 7. You can select a traditional circuit control system or a PLC control system. 8. We can design any new model according to your requirement. Configuration instructions of ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery 1. Auto drop cups, it adopts with pneumatic chuck mechanical stripping dropping cup. 2. Auto filling, according to the filling material characteristics to choose a suitable filling way, such as filling solid particles such as fruit flesh, liquid filling methods, etc. 3. Print code, it adopts pneumatic ribbon coding by the heater. 4. Twice sealing, first sealing is plane, second sealing is the thread. Optional configuration of ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery 1. Manipulator transfer the products to the conveyor line 2. It is a closed space from injecting with fruit pulp to cover the foil lids, and it adopts toughened glass and stainless steel square tube 3. Automatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery can be equipped with a HEPA air filtration system by a Laminar flow fan in the closed space. 4. Pipeline within the closed cleaning. 5. Foil lids and roll film. You can select the sealing material one of them or both.
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LUYI Gooseneck skeleton container trailer is made of standard steels-Q345 and Q235. The frame beam is welded by a laser tracking welding machine and polished by a shot blasting machine to ensure quality at the beginning. For export, we use famous brand parts, such as the JOST brand kingpin and landing leg, WBACO brake valve. This Gooseneck skeleton container trailer specially designed for 40ft container, 40ft high cube container, 40ft flat rack container, 40ft open top container, we can also design another model according to your different requirements, such as an extendable flatbed trailer for transporting wind blade, steel pipes and fittings and other long items, flatbed trailer with an upright column for log loading, etc. Gooseneck skeleton container trailer applicable with all standard and high cube container sizes including 2x20ft or 1x40ft heavy.Manual operation for reduced complexity.Low weight, low rolling resistance design.Market-leading components including JOST, BPW, FUWA. In general, the flatbed trailer suit for carrying loads of 40 ton~60 tons of weight. Actually, the gooseneck skeleton container trailer is the simplest trailer for dry bulk cargo, we also can offer another model according to your different requirements, the extendable flatbed trailer for transporting wind blade, steel pipes and fittings and other long items, flatbed trailer with an upright column for log loading,20ft flatbed trailer for transporting 20ft container,40ft flatbed trailer for transporting 2x20 ft container and 1x 40ft container, and flatbed trailer with the front wall and so on. Features of gooseneck skeleton container trailer 1. Gooseneck skeleton container trailer Steel frames are built with top-class hot rolled or rolled steel plate, automatic welded longitudinal beam, and adopting advanced sanding and painting process as preliminary treatment. 2. Different types of suspension are designed for the various operating conditions: Bogie suspension; Air suspension; Mechanical suspension. We can make the order according to the customer's needs. 3. We have State-of-the-art detection devices: Components, hardness, and phase of metal are analyzed to ensure the standards of processed material and the quality of finished products. The function of gooseneck skeleton container trailer 1. Gooseneck skeleton container trailer widely used, which is mainly used for long-haul freight transport, ex: 20 ft or 40 ft container. 2. We can design and manufacture a skeleton truck trailer according to your exact requirements, ex: You can be required to promote the front axle or use the air suspension or choose the straightness type or goose neck type.
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40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer is specially designed to carry various cargo containers. You can choose to transport one 20ft,40ft 0r 45 ft container or two 20 ft containers at one time. The only difference is the number of locks required for specific transportation applications. Shandong Luyi Vehicle Co., Ltd. adopt advanced electrophoretic painting, which is the same process as car panting. High strength special steel. Select domestic and foreign well-known brands of accessories, which are more reliable and durable. Advantage of 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer 1.Customized design is available OEM ODM are welcome 2 Reply to your inquiry in 24 working hours 3 Experienced staffs will answer all your questions in professional and fluent English 4.Exclusive unique solution can be proof provided by our well-trained and professional engineers 5.Special discount can be offered with a large quantity 6.We will try our best to meet your requirements Product Function of 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer Commonly used for container transporting and other dry bulk cargo: PS: Dry bulk cargo: such as wood, crop pallets, bagged cement, floor tile, glass, equipment, stone, steel pipes, and so on. PS: customize available: (1) extendable flatbed trailer for long items, (2) flatbed trailer with an upright column for log loading, (3) flatbed trailer with groove / sleepers / portal frame / front wall / Sidewall /side pillars / D-rings. Small item, make your trailer more functional. Characteristics of 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer 1. Straight or gooseneck type, used to carry non-removable big size objects in the factory and construction site. 2. Made of high-strength steel, strong bearing, rational construction, and good stability. 3. The frame is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, beautiful weld joint, reliable performance. 4. Good looking, easy to sell. Use shot blasting to improve the surface.
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Multi-span glass greenhouse for agricultural crops is characterized by a high light-transmitting rate, beautiful appearance, and stable structure, suitable for the plants in great demands for sunlight. The skeleton is made by hot-dip galvanized steel materials, connected by galvanized anti-rot bolts and screws without any welded points. Multi-span glass greenhouse for agricultural crops is a Venlo type of greenhouse covered by the glass as lighting materials. Multi-span glass greenhouse for agriculture crops has the longest life, which is suitable for use in a variety of areas, and all kinds of climate conditions. In the greenhouse industry, according to the size of the span and width, it is divided into many construction types, and with different using ways, it is divided into vegetable glass greenhouse, glass ecological greenhouse, seedling glass greenhouse, sightseeing glass greenhouse, and so on. Multi-span glass greenhouse for agricultural crops is luxurious, elegant, and permanent. They are usually for commercial, research, and luxury custom eco-park design. When you are inside of a glass greenhouse, the clarity of the glass will make you feel as if you are surrounded by your own cultivated p aradise. This alone is enough reason for so many gardening enthusiasts to choose glass over a PC sheet or plastic film for a greenhouse. Main features of glass greenhouse for agricultural crops 1. Strong structure in all types of greenhouses, for modern and high value-added agricutlure farming. 2. Excellent hot galvanized steel structures and accessories, anti-corrosion. 20 years of using life. 3. Proprietary technology in PE film, Famous brand.Guaranteed 4-6 years using life. 4. Ventilation and insect nets can give your planting in a comfortable situation. Increasing yield. 5. Cucumbers, tomatos, yield per 1000㎡ normally more than 15000kg.
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Pop buckwheat grading machine is widely used for pre-cleaning and cleaning of grains and seeds for grain depot and seed company, and raw grains for flour mill, rice mill, feed, chemical and food processing industry. One machine can clean various grains such as wheat, maize, rice, beans, oilseeds by changing different screens. Pop buckwheat grading machine can further remove light impurities and dust if equipped with vertical air aspirator, and get an ideal air cleaning effect by adjusting the machine according to the impurity content of raw grains. It is mainly made from corn powder. It is a new choice for your breakfast after mixing with milk. Designed as a kind of breakfast cereal, it is crunchy taste and water resisting property make you have something in mouth for chewing, but not hard. Our company has three types of production lines by capacity 150kg/hr, 240kg/hr, and 500kg/hr. Production line of the pop buckwheat grading machine Flow chart: Mixing---Extrusion---Flaking---Drying---(Sugar Spraying)---Flavoring---Drying---Packing Corn Flakes or Breakfast cereal snacks: a. Pop buckwheat grading machine is a new and popular breakfast cereal or leisure crispy snack among the family, due to the high nutritional value, like rich carbohydrates and dietary fiber. We adopt various Cereal and vitamins and minerals as raw material, the finished corn flakes can be served with coffee, milk or functional drinks, etc. b. The quality corn flakes are not puffed but must be ripened completely in the extruder and the ripened material will be extruded from the mold with the transparent corn pellets shape; c. The flake shape can be acquired by using the flaking machine and the thickness of the flake depends on the two smooth rollers gap. d. The Roasted processing is so important for reaching the close-grained and crispy texture. At last, it can be sprayed with melted sugar or powdered sugar as the finished delicious corn flakes.
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China agricultural vegetable greenhouse is the simplest structure greenhouse with the lowest cost and the most convenient installation. The framework is the core structure of the tunnel greenhouse. It includes the groove, the door, the ridge, the arch, the end column, and so on. The single-span is usually between 6m to 12m. The advantage lies in the maximum use of the land area, simple installation, strong durability, and long service life. In addition, it is very convenient to disassemble, install, and transport. So the cost is the lowest, but the most cost-effective one Safe and reasonably of agricultural vegetable greenhouse 1.The sunlight greenhouse large span column-free structure, large space, suitable for mechanized operation. 2.Strong frame bearing capacity, long lifetime. 3.Reasonable roof lighting angle, adequate indoor lighting, good insulation performance, energy saving. 4.China agricultural vegetable greenhouse computer optimization design, good lighting, material saving, low cost, high land utilization. 5.Computer insulation wall, interior wall insulation, outer wall heating, easy to form a good greenhouse microclimate. 6.With quilt and grass mat for winter heat preservation, electric rolling machine. 7.The utility model is suitable for the wide application of flower planting, seeding breeding, vegetable production and demonstration park for sightseeing. Components of agricultural vegetable greenhouse 1. PC sheet: 4mm pc hollow sheets made with 100% lexan material of 10 years guarantee. 2. Frame: virgin aluminum alloy with 15 years guarantee. 3. Base: Q235 steel with 15 years guarantee. 4. Bolts 5. Installation manual. cost commercia plastic polycarbonate used agricultural greenhouse for sale The structure for China agricultural vegetable greenhouse Is Galvanized Steel Structure Which is Strong for High Wind and Heavy Snow, Anti-rust, and Anti- Corrosion. It can be used for more than 20 years. Our GT polycarbonate sheet greenhouse Added protection of blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays From a growing perspective, polycarbonate provides a much more stable growing environment. All polycarbonate panels used in GT greenhouses are made from two skins of polycarbonate – creating a double-glazing effect and outstanding thermal performance. What Materials for our polycarbonate sheet? We use all new material not recycled materials, it is better not to use the recycled materials, as the strong and harsh sunlight will discolor the panels and they will be yellow after 2 or 3 years. As it is little or no UV protection, this is very dangerous to your plants.
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Small manual hand press machines are small stamping equipment for watches and clocks, instruments, electronics, jewelry, hardware and clothing, shoes and hats, and other industries, the workpiece can be punching, bending, riveting and press, and other processes. The machine structure is light, high production efficiency. The closure height and stroke length are adjustable for ease of use. The small manual hand press machine is applicated to all drawing, blanking, forming process, especially in the following areas: all kinds of containers, all kinds of automobile covering parts, electric parts, kitchen utensils, tractor, motorcycle, aerospace, aviation, electronics, instrumentation, plastic, rubber, chemical, and other industrial departments. The main performance characteristics of a small manual hand press machine The small manual hand press machine has the advantages of small volume, simple structure, and little cost. High quality cast-iron body, study design. For press-fitting and pulling bearings, 4-position plate, Chrome-plated steel pinion, and ram. Features of small manual hand press machine 1.Control on foot or hand Pedal. 2.Punching Power( 0.5Ton to 4 Ton ). 4. Solid structure and easy to operate, convenient to upload and download material so that ensure efficient work. 5. Multifunctional use for indentation, punching, riveting, assembling, cutting, etc. 6. Safe and human-centered design, comfortable and durable operation. Small manual hand press machine the major driving manner is that the electromotor drives the flywheel, through the function of the clutch to punch the cards. Because the punching The speed is fast and the power is strong, the edge of the cards is smoothly cut. The machine is designed with precise automatic punching location holes. The main usage of small manual hand press machine Small manual hand press machine used in punching, bending, blanking, cutting, riveting, etc. this machine usage with a die, safely and high efficiency operate, using high quality material, make sure the edge of finished products beautiful and smooth.
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Hot sale agricultural commercial glass greenhouse structure, adopting hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the main column, connected by galvanized steel truss and galvanized gutter with galvanized bolts and screws without any welding point, embedded steel parts also supplied together. Once build up,20 years service life guaranteed; For the Glass multi-span greenhouse and polycarbonate multi-span greenhouse, commonly adopting the design of 3 roofs for every span, each span can be 16m and every inner single bay can be 8m. Hot sale agricultural commercial glass greenhouse adopting high lighting transmitting float glass and polycarbonate sheet as covering material is excellent for facility agriculture greenhouse construction. Beautiful appearance, simple and standard and quick construction and installation, stable structure, very suitable for the vegetable and flower cultivation. Hot sale agricultural commercial glass greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. These structures range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings. A miniature greenhouse is known as a cold frame. The interior of a greenhouse exposed to sunlight becomes significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature, protecting its contents in cold weather. Hot sale agricultural commercial glass greenhouse is high tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers. The glass greenhouses are filled with equipment including screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting, and may be controlled by a computer to optimize conditions for plant growth. Different techniques are then used to evaluate optimality-degrees and comfort ratio of greenhouse micro-climate (i.e., air temperature, relative humidity, and vapor pressure Advantages of an agricultural commercial glass greenhouse Each of our structures is built out of pultruded fiberglass which provides a strong lightweight, non-corrosive material that has very low thermal conductivity. Our arches also offer significantly improved thermal characteristics compared to traditional steel structures. They won't heat up and bake your greenhouse in the summer or steal your expensive heat in the winter. Plus, the low thermal conductivity limits harmful condensation inside the greenhouse.
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The sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing consists of an electric sugar pot, a cooling table, a heat preservation roller, a drawing machine, a forming machine, a cooling screen, and a packaging machine, which can produce round and oval hard candy. The whole production line of electrical integrated control, easy to control the operation, is small and medium-sized Ideal equipment for a candy factory. Sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing is suitable for making hard candy and milk grease candy. Composed of thermal rolling bed, thermal bar drawing machine, special lollipop forming machine, and climbing conveyer, the production line is featured with logical structure, stable performance, good looking, easy and simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc.. It can make heart, palm, foot, animal, and another special-shaped lollipop. Sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing is a compact unit which can continuously produce various kinds of hard candies under a strict sanitary condition. It is also an ideal equipment which can produce out good quality products with the saving of both the manpower and the space occupied. PROCESSING CHART of sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing Raw material melting — Conveying — Filter — Storage — Constant syrup conveying — Pre-heating — Micro-film vacuum cooking—Discharging — Mixing with flavor and Color — Depositing — Cooling — De-moulding — Conveying — Packing— Final products Processing Flow of sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing Sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing is an advanced and continuous plant for making different sizes of hard candies. It is ideal equipment which can produce out good quality products with the saving of the manpower and the space occupied. This depositing line mainly consists of a cooking system, batch roller, rope sizer, die forming machine, cooling tunnel, and packing machine. Main Features of sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing 1. Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation, and maintenance. 2. Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts, and operation parts. 3. Sugar and all other materials are automatically weighed, transferred, and mixed through an adjusted touch screen. Various kinds of recipes can be programmed in the PLC and applied easily and freely when required. 4. PLC, touch screen and servo-driven system are imported brand, more reliable and stable performance, and durable use-life 5. Simple and compact machine structure, menu style operation interface, convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency, low-noise, stable performance, and long life. 6. We have different shapes of mold, In our Production Design, you can produce different shapes of hard candy in the same line and in the same time.
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PVC growing gutter for hydroponic growing strawberry can save the land, as no soil is needed. A hydroponics system can also control all growing conditions while using an NFT channel and dripping irrigation method to maintain stable and high productivity, allowing lands to grow healthier, and for crops to be more accessible to harvest. Hydroponics, by definition, is a method of growing plants in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution. Hydroponics does not use soil, instead, the root system is supported using an inert medium such as perlite, Rockwool, coconut coir. The basic premise behind hydroponics is to allow the plant's roots to come in direct contact with the nutrient solution, while also having access to oxygen, which is essential for proper growth. Planting instructions of PVC growing gutter PVC growing gutter for hydroponic growing strawberry provides greenhouse design and construction, seeds and fertilizer, and planting technology solutions. The following are the planting instructions provided by our company: lettuce planting instruction, pepper planting instruction, tomato planting instruction, and cucumber planting instruction. Application: Vegetables, fruits like strawberry 1. Made of nontoxic PVC growing channel gutter. 2. Save space and make full use of land with A steel frame. 3. Size can be made according to the customer's specific requirements. 4. Easy to install and operate in daily planting and maintenance. 5. Suitable for all kinds of the greenhouse. The PVC growing gutter for hydroponic growing strawberry mostly uses an A-type rack with substrate culture for strawberry, tomato, peppers, and other plants growing. Advantage of PVC growing gutter for hydroponic growing strawberry 1.Strawberry vertical cultivation in the greenhouse can greatly save greenhouse land. Improve greenhouse use area and space. 2.Reduce pests and diseases and facilitate daily management. 3.PVC growing gutter for hydroponic growing strawberry food grade UPVC material, long service life. 4.Low cost but stable and high productivity. 5.All the growing conditions can be controlled with a hydroponics system. 6.Plants grow healthier, No pesticide damage, environment friendly, easy to have. 7.It is a new modem strawberry cultivation techniques.
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Commercial ice cream waffle cone maker machine automatically injects the raw materials into the stencil, automatically quantitatively and automatically clamps the mold. The amount of raw material injected can be flexibly adjusted according to product requirements, the injection amount is stable, and the egg cake is even and thin. The manual small roll machine has the characteristics of automatic temperature control, automatic feeding, single-mode version temperature control, and simple operation, suitable for large, medium, and small food factories. Commercial ice cream waffle cone maker machine is professional for ice cream cone making. This ice cream cone machine the same species of mold can be used interchangeably, To produce different shapes of cone, Can also according to the specifications of customer’s capacity design and color shape for its special design and manufacture. Commercial ice cream waffle cone maker machine consists of 6-21 single-baking plates, a feeding machine, a baking machine, and a rolling machine. Machine use of high-quality electrical components, a thermostat using Promise thermostat, one-person operation, convenient and practical. Continuous automatic filling material. Temperature controls freely. Eggs look beautiful, the entrance of crisp, making a simple investment, high returns. Automatic ice cream waffle cone is the most popular current food Commercial ice cream waffle cone maker machine consists of 12 single-baking machine components, used for ice cream cones production semi-automatically. The machine’s main performances are advanced in the world, and the design is advanced, the configuration is compact, the operation is agile, robotization degree is high, economize energy, producing efficiency is great. Feature of commercial ice cream waffle cone maker machine Commercial ice cream waffle cone maker machine has three models of 8, 10, 12 sets of heating plates, which can be operated by one person at the same time. It has the characteristics of convenient cleaning, beautiful appearance, practicality, and sanitation, and is an ideal model for investment in the market. The small roll machine adopts computer programming and touch screen control. It is a snack food machine, cake room equipment and bakery equipment. About this commercial ice cream waffle cone maker machine, the same species of mold can be used interchangeably, produce different shapes of cone, Can also according to the specifications of customer’s capacity design and color shape for its special design and manufacture
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The glass greenhouse is made of hot-dip galvanized steel frame. The cover material is usually 4-5mm high quality float glass or double-layer hollow glass. Double-layer glass: 4mm + 9mm + 4mm, 5mm + 6mm + 5mm, 5mm+9mm+5mm, light transmittance More than 90%, you can also choose to cover the material according to customer requirements, surrounded by special aluminum in the top of the greenhouse and glass.Glass greenhouse suitable for a variety of regions and used in various climate conditions. Frame of glass greenhouse aluminum profile The greenhouse frame is made of glass greenhouse customized aluminum profile, connected by screws, bolts or suitable connecters. Door,gutters, etc. can be equipped and the roof can be pitched roof (supported by rectangular tubes) or arched roof (supported by circular tubes). The uprights of greenhouse is made by the rectangular tubes. Glass Greenhouse Covering material: Glass is available on the roof or the side of the greenhouse, thickness of which can be 4mm or 5mm. The glass greenhouse customized aluminum profile is characterized by high light-transmitting rate, beautiful appearance, simple construction and stable structure, suitable for the plants of great demands for sunlihgt. The glass mutil-span greenhouse is specialized with 3 roofs every span,every span double slopes. The skeleton materials of the greenhouse is made by galvanized steel materials, connected by galvanized and anti-rot bolts and screws, no welded point. And the greenhouse can be used for exhibition, seed-breeding, flower or vegetable market or mall, ecological restaurant, teaching or scientific research. Feature of glass greenhouse aluminum profile 1 . load-bearing structure, aluminum alloy material. Strong but light. 2 . T-Slot profile provide connection function.Each profile can be assemble by certain assessories anytime anywhere.Do not need to make fabrication in advance. 3 . Modular design, easy to assemble and disassemble to adapt to different requirements. 4 . Wide range of applications.Such as:Struct profile,production line,tooling trolley,angle profile,conduit profiles
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The Ice cream machine with 2+1 mixed flavors, the product capacity is 18-25L/h. The machine can accept custom, two side is single flavor, the middle is mixed flavor, the machine can also add air pump, pre-cooling , rainbow function, hot summer, only one machine, you can start your business. Main Features of Ice cream machine 1. With 100% famous brand new compressor. 2. With Cone counter function, can calculate how many cones ice cream sell out. 3. Digital display can show what’s the progress of making ice cream, etc. 4. Ice cream machine Auto wash system. Easy to operate 5. Ice cream machine full stainless steel body, floor model 6. 2+1mixed flavors, with strength of Speed cooling, high production 7. With CE approved, quality is guaranteed 8. Different capacity models for choice, also accept OEM. About design of Ice cream machine 1. Multi patents: one outlook design patent, three pragmatic patents ,one invention patent 2. Low noise: running noise much lower than other brands 3. Low voltage and high currency protection system 4. Customized panel design to make its operation similar to house appliance 5. With durable color coated board. About functions of Ice cream machine 1. self cleaning system 2. Ice cream machine high and low voltage alerting 3. Ice cream machine low power consumption 4. cone counting system 5. cone &temp display 6. low mix and standby function 7. sixteen shift for hardness and softness alteration 8. numerical speed control, formation ratio indicating and formation animation display 9. problems alert system, low mix alert, belt skid alert, refrigeration trouble alert, switch trouble alert, high temp alert Application of Ice cream machine Coffeeshop,Convenience Store,Cake Shop,Hotpot Restaurant,Milk Tea Store,Cinema,Bakery,KTV,Barbecue Restaurant,KFC.
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Cultivation material seedbed also called physical weeding mulch film, is the fastest development in recent years. It can increase the soil temperature, moisture, and other effects, but also has a better weeding effect; at the same time, it can reduce the ground temperature, make peanuts, strawberries, tobacco, and other crops root system developed in summer. Cultivation material seedbed is a form of hydroponics that is known for its simplicity, reliability of operation, and low initial investment cost. when Pots are filled with an inert medium which does not function directly like soil that contribute nutrition to the plants, but which as a temporary reserve of water and solvent mineral nutrients in the anchors the roots. The hydroponic solution alternately floods is allowed to ebb away. Cultivation material seedbed is the industry standard for propagating seedlings in a modern greenhouse. The benches allow a large number of seedlings to be propagated in a confined space before they are transplanted into the main hydroponic system. Cultivation material seedbed uses a flood and drain process to hydrate the growing media from beneath before draining the excess moisture away. The growing media is not fully submersed but is only partially saturated, allowing capillary action to hydrate the rest of the media to the very top. Main features of cultivation material seedbed 1. Labor savings and cost-effective 2. Save the land, no soil is needed for hydroponics 3. An entire acre or more can be watered automatically and efficiently 4. Cultivation material seedbed all the growing conditions can be controlled with a hydroponics system 5. Stable and high productivity with rolling bench 6. Environment friendly 7. Plants grow healthier and easy to harvest 8. Plants are watered evenly, reducing losses due to poor watering practices 9. Plants can be fertilized as they are being watered
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Our company specializes in the production of professional electric food dehydrator machine and other products, processes, quality assurance, cost-effective! The same style is better than the quality, the same quality as the price, the same price as the service! Traditional drying methods are not only unsanitary but also affected by the weather because not every day is sunny. Moreover, traditional sun drying is unsanitary, dusty, and flies. A dryer is a machine that separates the water from the food and keeps the food nutritious. Generally, the temperature can be controlled at 30 to 80 degrees, and the continuous low-temperature constant temperature control technology can not only ensure the vitamins and other nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements of food. It can give the food a three-dimensional, balanced effect, and the oven is baked by high temperature to roast the cooked food, which will destroy vitamins and other nutrients. Professional electric food dehydrator machine applicable to Family, dry goods store, pharmacy, factory, market. Suitable for all kinds of dry goods, fruits, herbs, seafood, cereals. Features of professional electric food dehydrator machine 1. Cycle heating, large capacity, metal body, energy saving 2. Stainless steel metal body, durable, not easy to corrode 3. 16-layer large capacity, large space 4. Three fans, ventilation heating, heating block, even heat, less heat loss, power saving. 5. Can adjust different air-drying time according to different foods, the degree of air drying can be as desired. 0 - 24 hours of free adjustment, each adjustment for 30 minutes, easy to customize the food of your own taste! 6. Continuous constant temperature control technology, not only can stabilize the complete retention of enzymes, vitamins, and other minerals, but also can give food a three-dimensional uniform effect, do not underestimate him, this is the key to making delicious dried fruit! Usage of professional electric food dehydrator machine 1. Suitable for home use and commercial use. 2. Professional electric food dehydrator machine suitable for households, dry goods stores, pharmacies, factories, markets. 3. Professional electric food dehydrator machine applies to dry fruits, vegetables, meat, herbs, nuts, and other kinds of food. Details of professional electric food dehydrator machine Different types and sizes of professional electric food dehydrator machine can be customized according to customers' drying needs, and different heat sources such as power supply, natural gas, diesel, biomass particles, a heat pump can be provided for customers to choose and use. Once designed, the scheme is directly related to transportation, installation, and other links, so as to meet the diversified needs of customers as much as possible and reduce the investment and expenditure of customers.
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Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics for Vegetables is an efficient growing system, and especially suitable for leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, herb, celery, cabbage, etc.. Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics is a new type of plant without soil cultivation, also known as nutrient liquid culture. Its core is to infiltrate plant roots directly into the nutrient solution. This nutrient solution can replace the soil and provide plants with water, nutrients, oxygen, and other growth factors so that plants can grow normally. Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics the most economical and affordable greenhouse. The structure is flexible, strong applicability, and wide applicable scope. High wind resistance, high steel quality, high quality locking channel, high quality hot-dip galvanization. Customized design and high quality material. Features of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics 1.PC sheet greenhouses are fairly the recent advancement in greenhouses. Polycarbonate panels are very light and strong. It can be manufactured to be completely transparent. Greenhouse's PC sheets are treated to be resistant to the degrading effects of ultraviolet sunlight, which gives it an impressive service life. It holds the perfect balance between glass and plastic film. 2.It can be equipped with inside and outside shading system, top and side window ventilation system, wet curtain and fan cooling system, and so on. Other equipment can be applied according to the user's planting needs, including NFT hydroponic systems and substrate growing systems, and hemp greenhouse. Advantages of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics 1. Food-grade material, safe and green 2. Easy to assemble and move, convenient and time-saving 3. No soil needed for vegetable growth 4. No pesticide damage, easy harvest 5. No nutrition pollution is released into the environment 6. Solve the contradiction between greenhouse heat preservation and light transmission. 7. Good insulation in winter. 8. Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics has the characteristic of beautiful appearance, good light transmission, good display effect, long service life, and so on. For a place with low light and geothermal energy. 9. Unique glass sealing structure, completely solve the problem of roof leakage. power plant waste heat, glass greenhouse is a better choice. Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics includes several parts: water pump JK-399, timer TW-260, Teflon tape 20m 2pcs, hydroponic plastic net pot 4B 168pcs, hydroponic planting sponge HY044 168pcs, hydroponic channels, metal support, tweezer, glue, sleeve, a pair of gloves, pipe clamp, screws and nuts, water cycle systems, connectors.
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Multifunctional meat ball making machine is the new designed equipment based on traditional meatball making method. It includes Frozen meat crusher, Meat grinder, Bowl cutter, Meat beating machine, Meatball processing line. It greatly improves working efficiency and speed. Main Features of meat ball making machine 1. The machine simulates artificial spoon-shaped principle of professionally designed and manufactured, the production of balls, low density, good roundness, slick and so on. meatball machine meatball making machine high quality meatball making machine meatball forming machine machine meatball 2. As long as the meat mixture into the hopper, boot 2-3 minutes automatically made into meatballs, products taste delightful, delicious, flexible, white color. meatball machine with stuffing small meatball machine meatball maker meatball maker machine commercial meatball machine 3. Multifunctional meat ball making machine is made of stainless steel, durable, beautiful, in line with national food safety standards. meatball machine maker machine to making meatball small meatball machine cheap meatball machine 4. The meatballs are filling many of the machine's output, high ball roundness. While the machine is operating, ball falls directly arrange, reduce human exposure to the products, safety and health. meatball machine for sale meatball manufacturing machine mini meatball maker machine used meatball making machine 5. Can produce a variety of flavored meatballs, pork balls, beef balls, fish balls, chicken meatball, pork balls and so on. A variety of flavors can freely transform, which reduced production costs in the original basis. 6.Automated structured, one person, two persons may be operated. Convenient disassembly, maintenance and cleaning. Application of meat ball making machine Multifunctional meat ball making machine can be used to make various kinds of meatball, such as: pork meatball, beef meatball, chicken meatball, fish meatball and so on. Also can be used to make vegetarian ball and meat vegetable mixing ball. Multifunctional meat ball making machine can forming all kinds of meat pie, such as, chicken cutlet, shrimp cutlet, fish cutlet, beef cutlet, etc. It can produce different size meat pie and cutlet by changing the forming mouth’s size and thickness. This machine can produce different shape(round shape, square shape, oval shape, triangle shape, etc.) meat pie and cutlets by changing the different mold. This machine according to the safety, hygiene, and technology of meat products processing machinery standard. The contact surface between machine and meat adopts high quality stainless steel and nontoxic ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, so it can reach hygiene standard. In order of the accuracy and convenience of the cutlet thickness, the mold core is designed for detachable. It’s the very reasonable design. Really good quality, long service life, good performance, stable running, simple operation, very good forming effect.
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Greenhouse cover material A facility that can be used to grow plants by transmitting light, keeping warm (or warming). In the season when it is not suitable for plant growth, it can provide greenhouse growth period and increase yield, and is used for plant cultivation or seedling cultivation of vegetables, flowers, trees, etc. in low-temperature seasons. There are many types of greenhouses, which can be divided into many types according to different truss materials, lighting materials, shapes, and heating conditions. Conventional product details of greenhouse cover material 1. Twin-walls polycarbonate sheet thickness: 3mm-12mm. Width: 2100mm. 2. Triple-walls polycarbonate sheet thickness: 10mm-18mm. Width: 2100mm. 3. Four-walls polycarbonate sheet thickness: 6mm-14mm. Width: 2100mm. 4. Greenhouse cover material honeycomb polycarbonate sheet thickness: 6mm-14mm. Width: 2100mm. 5. We can also customize the width like 1220mm, and the normal thickness is 4mm-6mm. But the price will higher than 2100mm width because it has the loss of fees. 6. Solid polycarbonate sheet standard thickness: 1.1mm--18mm. Width: 1220, 1560, 1820, 2100mm. Usually 1220x2440mm. 7. Corrugated polycarbonate sheet thickness: 0.8mm-1.8mm. Width is 1000mm and 1220mm. A. Length:No limit(Recommend 5800, 6000, 11800, 12000mm to suit 20' container & 40' container). B. Color: clear/transparent, lake blue, green, blue, opal,brown/bronze, silvery gray, red, yellow, etc. Features of greenhouse cover material Economical and practical, sold with attractive appearance Large volume gutter, good draining ability Wide vent, good ventilation in summer, especially suitable for tropical areas Greenhouse cover material suitable for the planting of vegetables and flowers in large scale The saw type of greenhouse has better ventilation, better natural cooling performance Top film cover, waist installation of insect net and set the rolling window, can effectively relative to the outside world, while ensuring the appropriate temperature. Application of greenhouse cover material 1. Roofing for a greenhouse, swimming pool, shopping malls, commercial streets. 2. Sunshade for stadiums and bus stops, gazebo, open-air carport. 3. Lighting canopy for corridors, passages, and subway entries. 4. ATM machine covers, telephone booths, gateways, garages. 5. Sound and heat insulation wall for expressways and houses. 6. Instead of glass, decoration door, curtain wall. 7. Soundproof material for partitions. 8. Unbreakable material for glazing widows, roof glazing. 9. Lighting of modern villa, rainproof lighting shed of underground garage entryway. 10. Front wind shields of motorcycles, airplanes, trains, liners, vehicles, motorboats, submarines and riot shields.
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Hexie is one of the most professional company in designing, manufacturing, and constructing a greenhouse. We can provide a customized solutions according to customers' requirement. Enough experience has gained in 20 years' to help our customers select,construct, manage, and maintain the optimal greenhouse structure and necessary environment control system. To create great value for our customers is the motivation that we persist all the time. Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse have beautiful appearance, good pervious to light, good display effect, long life and some other advantages. Glass greenhouse is a better choice for customers whose location have low light, geothermal energy and power station waste heat. Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse is the facility used to improve the capacity of the plants like fruit, vegetables, controlling the light, temperature and humidity in specific growing area. By making full use of its dominant advantage in making suitable closed environment, Glass greenhouse is widely used in planting, show sighting, product exhibition, ecological restaurant, and seeding factory. Advantages of leisure/sightseeing greenhouse 1.Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse good light transmittance, the transmittance of single layer glass greenhouse up to 90%, the double glazing is 80% 2.Good water proof. Anti-age, anti-sweat large area for cultivating 3.Venlo, small roof not only makes the greenhouse beautiful, also provide high efficiency for users. Uniform illumination. 4.Framework with double-face galvanizing processing, Good anticorrosive effect 5.Good Draining ability Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse belongs to a kind of sightseeing agriculture. Sightseeing Greenhouse is furnished the agricultural landscape in internal built greenhouse, in order to attract tourists, and get economic benefits. All the agricultural landscape is made up of agricultural material. It uses many famous and rare vegetable to carefully design, at the same time, used horticulture, art, sculpture, and architecture. In accordance with the approach of landscape layout, the vegetable culture art is deductive incisively and vividly. It greatly enhances the ornamental, riches Park display content to show the artistic effect of the boutique garden, the beauty of pastoral style and garden art.