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Created 2016-03-09
Owner spencerhastin
Title How to introduce cigarettes to our customers as a saleman

How to introduce cigarettes to our customers as a saleman/ First, in-depth understanding of the new cigarette information When the store spare, I first go online and check the Yellow Crane Tower (blessing) of relevant information and selling, the Internet, said Crane Tower (blessing) is cigarettes online positioned in a auspiciousness with smoke cheep newport red 100's. Unique external design interpretation auspicious culture, inherent taste mellow taste convey a unique, internally and externally, fragrant and elegant interpretation of unique content. Dragon to send blessings, chicago cigarettes prices cartons design to the Chinese red as the background, the cover with the Smart freehand golden dragon and phoenix decoration, render auspicious atmosphere and culture, with a full blessing taste. Good mellow tasting, using ring Shennongjia region "Golden Shen Nong" ecological tobacco, add natural flavors and fragrances, but also original fragrance, Yellow Crane Tower presents a unique style and elegant fragrance, with creamy soft smoke flavor to bring you delicious food. See here, I was on to the Yellow Crane Tower (blessing) in confident mood, so good meaning, so the atmosphere of China infrared box, no recommendation does not go out the truth. Second, to identify new selling cigarettes and features I was in the store with Chinese red cigarette wholesale counter to the floor, I made a rectangular display panel, with characters pen made propaganda "Dragon to send blessings, happy event for you to choose," "mellow good tasting, elegant floating universal." During the presentation, I grab the Yellow Crane Tower (blessing) happy, mellow soft smoke, use ring Shennongjia region "Golden Shen Nong" ecological tobacco, add natural flavors and fragrances, incense Yellow Crane Tower providential elegant style, these unique styles to do the article. Every day new and old customers into the store to buy whatever they do not buy something I have to introduce them to increase their understanding of the new members of the Yellow Crane Tower. So next time something came to my shop to buy the house. As the saying goes, "people do not blame", business cigarette wholesale online too. Third, the new cigarette smoking products free of charge In order to recommend the new Yellow Crane Tower (blessing), I also specifically to buy a few big watermelon, put a small square table in the store, get a bag of Yellow Crane Tower (blessing) smoke, laughs and says: "This is my When he first entered the Yellow Crane Tower (blessing), and everyone to try, make a suggestion. To tell the truth, in my shop, the most conspicuous than the small size of a small round table goes, do not underestimate this round table, this is I'm with customers to enhance friendship, increase contacts and increase the magic of new sales. store into the Yellow Crane Tower (blessing) New cigarette, there is a small round table and a box newport cigarettes of Yellow Crane Tower (blessing) goods smoking, as well as honeysuckle herbal tea , watermelon. I will take the initiative invited a few friends, we all know that Marlboro Gold Cigarettes eating watermelon during high temperature better, you can cool down a goal. I put watermelon cut, to customers who ate it after the new arrival to the Yellow Crane Tower (blessing) to open a box of cartons of newport shorts cigarettes, handed one to each of them, the customer took careful care of marlboro cigarettes a lot of smoke, some customers more curious, to go my hands Yellow Crane Tower (blessing) packets, examine some of it. So I drank tea with tobacco products and chatted to customers.

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