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Created 2014-04-26
Owner Lee
Title ignite the enthusiasm of Brazilian football watch
About me world is full of passion for football . When fans cheer on the pitch for their idols, the entire stadium will be ignited passion. Swatch actively support for all kinds of sports, to commemorate the passion for football in Brazil, the Swiss watchmaker launched a new series New Gent Lacquered watches - ENTUSIASMO extreme fanaticism.

extremely fanatical Swatch convinced that the launch reflects the value and importance of youth sports. Each omega replica in watch sales will be donated part of Gol de Letra Foundation - This is the NGO by the fendi outlet former footballer Rai and Leonardo was founded in 1998. In 2001, UNESCO recognized the organization is a model of social unrest under world environments for children and youth aid organizations. Current Gol de Letra Brazil has assisted about 1,300 children and young people. The Foundation by Art patek philippe replica culture gucci replica education, sports and other forms of participation in social activities designed to help children and young people to take the initiative on its own and gradually change the status quo in their lives. Charitable donations.

from Swatch mainly for two specific project support. The first is a two-step project in Rio de Janeiro, the hublot replica project for the 250 children and youth sports weekly, reading, writing curricular activities, literature and information science, which is the main teaching programs for children, young people and their families provide social assistance.

second is an open tournament in Sao Paulo project, which provides the main 450 young sports and leisure activities included social and educational nature as to enhance their personal abilities and skills. The teaching method is committed to promote inclusiveness, culture replica watches uk diversity, the environment and race distribution to establish a dialogue and develop personal leadership skills of the participants regardless of sex, how physical condition or age.

extreme fanaticism watches designed according to the Brazilian flag colors: green, yellow, blue and white. Strap alternative also has the image of the flag on the buckle. If you are fans of a team, you can also buy a single flag other 31 countries or more buckles, enthusiastic fans can purchase a complete set of 31 national flag buckle series.

extreme fanaticism with special packaging, circular window on the envelope to expose louis vuitton outlet dial. And watch as the color is the color of the envelope cassette Brazilian flag, while Brazil is also the home of Gol de Letra funds, which together with the goal on the pitch white mesh patterns and eye-catching yellow and fiery victory cry GOOOOALL!!!
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