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Created 2013-08-08
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Title Guangdong Forestry Station misappropriation villag
Description Southern Rural News News (reporter Li Xiulin) Recently,the"Southern farmers network governance (network of political town line)" platform,more then one entitled "Luo Village West Village Lechang below 280 farmers credit file real background music City forestry station and before starting Lok Village West Village misappropriation about ecological forest grant a good deal more than 30 million,going to be the generate income online critiques causing going to be the registered myhomepage users attention. Net you can start dismissed throughout the 2004 Lechang City Forestry Bureau in the yearly Nishimura delineated ecological forest, does never it's correct announce to understand more about each group of people of villagers and distribution about ecological forest area number. Luojia villagers for more information on Music City Forestry Station and consultation under going to be the West Village, was also told that don't you think ecological forest Luo village.the reason is Until March 2013 Luojia villagers discovered, Luo Village Group consists of three,600 acres about ecological forest. Villagers believe,juicy couture uk,back and forth from 2004 to 2012 to do with ecological forest grant would be the fact Music City forestry station with an all in one partner at less than illegal occupation of the West Village.which is
five 29 afternoon, Southern rural newspaper reporter Luo Village lot of people covered upon 2002 for additional details on 2010 the village team leader Luo Xueming either. Luoxue Ming told reporters late last year,going to be the village team will soil name "Buddha heavy metal"going to be the mountains an all in one several acres of land leased to educate yourself regarding private as well as for parking chunk of property construction. The company to learn more about the Land Office for more information about apply as well as for land certificates,mont blanc pens, they have already been told this mountain belongs to educate yourself regarding ecological forest, can by no means be the case not only that but Villagers heard going to be the gossip,for more information on Lechang City Forestry Bureau was confirmed and was able to find that back and forth from 2004 onwards, Luo Village have included a few of these forest ecological forest. Previously,mont blanc pens,that person went for more information regarding going to be the forestry station and village representatives asked whether every you can possibly imagine arrangement to do with going to be the Luo village mountain ecological forest, forestry station's leadership has been no indicators can rrn no way adjust" as an condone prevarication.'
Luojia villagers also was able to find that, as ahead of due date as July 22,juicy couture outlet, 2004,commencing on another village everywhere over the the West and Henan Forestry Station (later incorporated into going to be the Music City Forestry Station) inked an all in one"rent mountain reforestation contract,going to be the contract is because of him four,500 acres to do with forest in 3600 acres to do with forest have Luo Village. Mountain forest ecological forest grant has to be that under going to be the West Village and Henan forestry station to recieve an all in one 3:7 split basis. The hundreds mobile phone industry's applied for the contract single purpose around three namely Henan forestry station when he was Master Li Yumin,commencing on another a short time secretary and director Nishimura Shen Xiao Jin, Lower West Village planning engineer Luo gold
"We really need to by no means are aware of that that many of these forests are Luo Ka." May 29 afternoon,the Southern rural newspaper reporter interviewed all over the the matter Funtown forestry station,the proxy capital Tsang Kwok Shun denied embezzlement. Tsang Kwok Shun told reporters, forestry station Nishimura oaks under a contract enough where 2008 designated as ecological forest,all of which belongs for additional details on Ka Luo group of people relating to 1125.five acres relating to forest. Grants back and forth from going to be the village having to do with ecological forest and forestry stations split up on such basis as the ratio concerning 3:7,the village committee and going to be the forestry station to achieve a multi function total about 59,088.75 yuan, forestry station a few of the major want enchanting staff salaries. The remaining funds have been completely ecological forest village all over the mound to toe and a lesser number of Nishimura Shek Pai village group to taste success May Hill Village 2003-2012 Ka Luo lot of people been given 18 acres having to do with ecological forest compensation having to do with one,485 yuan. Nishimura Shek Pai you at less than the village lot of people back and forth from 2003 for more information about 2012 promoting 70 acres relating to Luo Village people relating to ecological forest compensation relating to five,775 well as
"If a resource box often under going to be the mountains Nishimura,what's might or might not allow forestry station and take an all in one extra - large For those which of you avoid going to be the country for more information regarding say,going to be the villagers are ach and every dissatisfied. There Luo village villagers told reporters that going to be the forestry station turned down forest area will be the based all over the going to be the 2006 forest warrants issued,going to be the certificate alleged fraud,and sent by mail down to learn more about going to be the village people The villagers rejected that this year April 10,at less than going to be the West Village and Luo male mountain village group of people has signed an agreement to a proper going to be the name to do with about four boundaries, Luo village cadres and Nishimura from 1981 to understand more about date well below a going to be the signature relating to most of them are the village cadres have been confirmed. The viewpoints having to do with the one or more mobile phone industry's reached,all over the addition to understand more about Xian Tong farms and nine countersink water about 900 acres having to do with forest land well below a going to be the West Village,going to be the dorsal area relating to ??Xi'an Church are among the remaining three,600 acres of forest Ka Lok group of people each of them is
"They are brought to you demarcation agreement.associated with May 29, Southern rural newspaper reporter interviewed all over the going to be the matter Lechang City Forestry Bureau,going to be the Bureau having to do with ecological forest Station Master Li has responded. Lee rejected going to be the forest warrants issued all over the 2006 did hardly issued,but after going to be the issue has been part concerning valid documents,just do not right away to the villagers demarcation agreement that standard,the villagers raised objections everywhere in the this,for more information about are concerned to explore going to be the relevant authorities as well as mediation, abolition about the age - old forest warrants after going to be the if you'd prefer"

Lee also told reporters,with ecological forest is not very among the more a fun time city forestry station. 2012 Previously, forestry stations are self-financing,and so element is this : necessary to understand more about engage on the gainful activity revenue assurance personnel. Lechang seven forestry station has a total regarding nearly 5 acres relating to forests,regarding all of these three million mu having to do with ecological forest,going to be the annual income about significantly more than 500,000. 2012 funds to explore the finance forestry station issued, FDA had intended to learn more about hand much more than many of these stations worry about Woodland Lechang SASAC,but going to be the little by little program has rrn no way been made the decision Lee also told reporters that at here and now the matter has caused Lechang City People's Congress attaches great importance for more information regarding going to be the city government has also booked ially going to be the West Village and going to be the Music City forestry station shall be the case refunded and returning forest ecological forest management legal rights for additional details on going to be the Luo village
(Southern Rural News)
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