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Created 2017-02-22
Owner blackcity
Title Overseas Investment will be the new target of China Jianyin Investment
Description CCWE and joined hands with China Jianyin Investment in holding an investment workshop in Beijing, under the theme of Global Vision and China’s Potential. Gu Jianguo, president of China Jianyin Investment, attended the meeting and delivered a speech on Oct. 19. As a sub-forum of 2016 the Phoenix International Forum whose theme was Dialogue with the World, this investment workshop cast its eyes upon the overseas investment boom among Chinese enterprises, aiming to discuss the global vision and China’s potential behind its overseas capital layout, explore the best way for Chinese capital to gain its position in the overseas market and offer intellectual support for the long-term development of Chinese enterprises in the international market. Nearly 300 audience and media outlets participated in the meeting, discussing the opportunities and risks that the Chinese enterprises may face when seeking investment opportunities overseas. During his speech, Gu Jianguo pointed out that the overseas investment boom among Chinese enterprises, which is guided by the national top strategy, actually involves a deep participation as part of the strategic process of reshaping the global value chain. In recent years, from helping Chinese enterprises “go abroad”, to implementing the “Belt and Road Initiative” and establishing the AIIB, the Chinese Government made greater efforts in encouraging Chinese enterprises to invest overseas. Moreover, as the world economy in a period of deep change continues to slow down, the ongoing changes in the valuation of overseas high-quality assets provide a gold window for the Chinese enterprises to invest overseas. Gu added that as an integrated investment corporation, China Jianyin Investment has always adhered to the philosophy of boosting the development of the Chinese industry and pursuing long-term and steady return on investments, and completed a number of cross-border M&A in core industries including high-end manufacturing and consumption services in some major economic areas across the world. In the future, China Jianyin Investment will bring in internationally advanced key technologies through acquiring the leading companies with state-of-the-art technologies in the overseas market, so as to accelerate the technical progress and upgrade of relevant industries and enterprises in China. In addition, Zhang Xinyun, vice general manager of China Jianyin Investment, Shan Xue, CIO of JIC TECH-INV, Huo Jianguo, former president of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation under the Ministry of Commerce, and Timothy Stratford, former US Trade Representative to China and former president of the American Chamber of Commerce made keynote speeches on, respectively, “Overseas M&A of Government Capital under the New Normal”, “Seeking Overseas M&A through Private Equity”, “A New Upsurge of Overseas Investment and M&A Comes”, and “The Risk of Overseas Investment and M&A”. This workshop also organized a round table discussion focused on the “China premium and international image during overseas investment and M&A”. Representatives from various industry-leading agencies shared their opinions and made an in-depth exchange on the meeting topic.
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