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Created 2013-08-08
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Title Two owners of luxury cars collided taking each don
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According to Xinhua News Agency, "an accident two luxury cars collide, talking, talk nowhere ......" "Later, the two sides decided to donate twenty thousand each in Sichuan, and then both sides do not hold up ...... and then the two sides went to the bank . "28, Sina micro-Bobo Lord" Nameless Collection guilty favorite bun can be changed "on the Internet talking about this one interesting. After this spread through the network, by netizens as "the most accidents there is love."

Audi reversing encounter Cadillac

day Guigang police department official microblogging "Guigang police" Forward this micro-Bo, and confirmed to be true. Subsequently, "Guigang police" drying out of a photo, the photo is a "public welfare donations unified bill" in the "donation program" a bar with a handwritten "Lushan earthquake" words, the amount of 20,000 yuan. Notes printed with "Guigang Red Cross Finance Seal."

reporter on the 28th learned from Guigang City traffic police detachment, this "most love accident" occurred in 26 evening around 8 pm, an Audi A6L car driver Mr. Duan U-turn in reverse when accidentally scraping across parked in the back of Chow Cadillac car, two cars have minor scratches.

After the incident, traffic police detachment of a brigade Guigang handling things so police quickly rushed to the scene to conduct investigation and evidence gathering. Police handling the case, after careful investigation, inquiry, the accident initially determined by the Audi driver take full responsibility. Identification of the accident, Mr. Duan and Zhou have no objection, but on the cost of compensation, the two sides at loggerheads over yet. Coordinated to no avail, the police handling the case in accordance with normal procedures, withheld two cars.

repair each of the parties are no longer accountable

28 date, the parties came to the local police department for owners consult collar car formalities, the two sides still there are objections on the issue of compensation, this time, the two sides then proposed to Lushan earthquake donations.

Then the two sides to conduct Guigang Red Cross donation procedures, each donated to the Lushan a 20,000 yuan.

reporters on the 28th telephone contact to Chow, he said, the insurance company initially identified car repairs to more than one thousand yuan, but the two sides on the specific costs have been negotiated for long.

Zhou said, in fact, the idea was not his donations moment of anger, "After the earthquake in Lushan, I told the wife to discuss, things to earthquake donations, donations made at that time together, I did not expect the other party will promise. "

Chow said he donated money to the community almost every year, when the 2008 earthquake donated 8,000 yuan.

City traffic police detachment

Guigang Guigang a brigade and the Red Cross confirmed to reporters that the two sides have donations, online photos of the sun as Mr. Duan donation invoices.

currently has handled the parties led car procedures, and negotiate their repair a vehicle, no mutual accountability.

(Original title: two owners of luxury cars collided donated hit 20,000)

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