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Created 2017-05-22
Owner alenalbert
Title The tips to build strong muscle for men
Description A muscular and strong body must be the dream of most men. But to get it is often not easy. Well, how to tips to have a muscular body ala nutritionist? According to nutritionalist Leona Victoria Djajadi, MND, to build muscle maximally should do combination of cardio exercise and weight lift on part of muscle to be formed. "Cardio exercise is done to reduce the amount of fat throughout the body.Experts can be consulted on personal trainers if any," said Victoria to Health and written on Thursday (21/08/2014). In addition to applying special exercises, according to Victoria usually on body builder pro apply a high-protein low-fat diet. "Usually commonly known if they eat raw eggs or raw eggs a few fruit a day," he continued. Diet is done to increase muscle metabolism and accelerate the formation and repair of muscles that wear out because trained continuously. Then need to consume milk-forming muscle as it circulates in the market? "Milk-forming muscle is actually not necessary if not a pro athlete, because it can be made by combining non-fat milk with non-fat milk powder, stirring the protein content is high and the fat remains low," added the nutritionist who won the title of Master of Nutrition and Dietetics From the University of Sydney. feed your body for stronger muscle with
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