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Created 2017-05-26
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Title Change your snacking with spinach
Description Snacking between meals in excess can not be denied can make a person gain weight quickly. Well, to work around this you can take advantage of the consumption of spinach. Studies conducted by Swedish scientists reveal that the hidden natural compounds contained in spinach proved able to reduce the desire to snack. Even disclosed that later on spinach may be used to prevent obesity. Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, a professor at Lund University, found that the compound known as the thylakoid is able to slow digestion and reduce hunger. In contrast to other processed foods, tilakoid tends to be digested in the upper intestine. To prove the theory, Erlanson-Albertsson called for a test group of 15 people to regularly eat spinach every pag. The result, it was reported that they became easier to resist the temptation of snacking, when compared without the consumption of spinach. "I found this thylakoid compound after talking to my husband who is a scientist researcher of photosynthesis, he directed me to the thylakoid, a compound in green leaf is believed to be able to slow the digestion of fat," said Erlanson-Albertsson, If you want to get greater benefits from thylakoid, then the spinach must be destroyed and filtered to free the tilakoid from other plant cells. see my recommended diet in 14 day rapid fat loss plan pdf
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