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Created 2017-06-01
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Title You can burn body fat at home
Description For those of you who want to lose weight, maybe you've chosen the best food intake, diligent counting calories, even every day of sport & faster way to fat loss , but the body still looks fat. Could be, the atmosphere and the decor of your home cause. Here are 8 ways to make your home as part of your diet program, as reported by US News, Friday (1/11/2013): 1. Open the curtains and create a bright atmosphere Researchers at the University of California, USA, revealed that the dark room atmosphere can increase appetite. Because the dim atmosphere often makes you less aware of the control of hunger. Therefore, the researchers describe indoor darkness as a 'high-risk environment' and advocate always opening a lighter window. 2. Place the clock in the dining room People who eat slowly tend to consume about 70 calories less than those who are in a hurry. Begin adjusting your meal time and allow up to 30 minutes for each meal. In addition, try not to do other activities while eating and always eat in a sitting position. 3. Make the room cool A study published in Obesity Reviews says that the temperature of the room is too warm tend to make you fat. The reason, cold exposure will make the body process its own heat that can help burn calories. 4. Use small size dishes every meal Brian Wansink, psychologist and author of 'Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think', reveals that plates and large bowls make you fatter because you will unconsciously fill the food according to the size of the container. In his research, Wansink stated that you eat about 22 percent more when using a plate with a diameter of 30 cm, than a plate 25 cm in diameter. 5. Set the position of vegetables and fruit in the refrigerator The Cornell University study report explains that you are almost 3 times more likely to eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits when placed in a position that is easy to see. That means arrange for vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious food choices on the top of the refrigerator shelf. while snack like a chocolate downstairs. 6. Paint the walls of the house in blue Research shows bright colors like red and yellow can increase appetite. In the study, people in blue-walled rooms ate 33 percent less food than in yellow or red walls. The researchers speculate that warm colors such as red and yellow make food look more attractive. 7. Restrict the installation of mirrors According to a study published in Health Psychology, women who exercise in front of a mirror will feel less energized and more relaxed than those who can not exercise not in front of a mirror. Limit the mirror only to the room that really needs it like the bedroom. 8. Distribute a special scent Research shows that certain scents can make you more slender, like jasmine, lavender, apple, and peppermint. A jasmine scent can increase alertness when you're in the mood for exercise. Lavender helps you sleep more soundly, while lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. While the scent of green or peppermint apple is expected to suppress appetite.
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