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Created 2017-07-03
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Title The man who eats meat looks more masculine
Description Many people argue that what you eat raises its own perceptions in the eyes of others. For example, men who eat meat will seem more masculine than men who eat vegetables. Based on a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, researchers found that people associate meat with masculinity even though meat eating habits are harmful to health. In addition, men who always eat vegetables tend to look weak and less attractive. "All American men feel that men who eat red meat will look stronger, macho and masculine, while men who eat vegetables and beans that are good for fertility seem weak and less macho," said one researcher, as reported by abcnews, Tuesday (5/22/2012). The researchers conducted a series of research on public opinion related to food. Researchers found that people from Western culture usually associate masculinity with eating lots of meat, for example steak. Researchers also found that men who eat meat are associated with more masculine words and meat eaters are considered more macho than men who avoid or not eat meat. Perhaps the connection comes from the thought of the strength in the muscle and the meat it eats. Or it may be that the assumption comes from the activity of getting meat through a macho-like way of hunting. Whatever the reason, the study found that men seem to feel uncomfortable when choosing to eat mushrooms instead of meat. The health risks associated with meat consumption are becoming increasingly obvious. One study found that eating one serving of red meat daily was associated with an increased risk of premature death. "People who think eating meat look more macho and eating weak looking veggies is an old-fashioned mindset, and today, many professional athletes have a healthy diet by eating vegetables." Ulka Agarwal, head of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. According to Agarwal, an easy way to start a vegetable diet is to avoid eating meat for a day to a week. Eating vegetables will not make you look weak because the body will be healthier and rarely sick. well don't forget to see 3 week diet reviews
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