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Created 2017-07-11
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Title Why the body still requires fat
Description All women may be obsessed with a slim body to be willing to diet furiously. Fat folds in the abdomen, large thighs and hips are considered disturbing appearance. Reduce weight may be important that body fat is not too little. Several decades ago, women with large breasts, thighs and large hips are more recommended to be a wife because of the sign she was a fertile woman. Fats that many in the body makes such women more easily produce enough estrogen hormones so easy to have children. Indian women for example still maintain the tradition of thighs and large hips, whereas women in western countries prefer slender thighs and hips. As quoted Mayoclinic Sunday (07/10/2011) fat composition in women is closely related to hormonal functions that can affect the reproductive system. Women who are too thin or slightly fat will have a low body mass index (BMI). Women with low BMI will produce low estrogen levels. If the hormone estrogen that is owned slightly will make the menstrual cycle is not normal. If continuous, it will experience infertility problems (fertility problems). According to experts, fat that should be removed is the fat in the abdomen (waist) because the fat in the stomach can not be synthesized into proteins. These un-synthesized fats can harm the heart and other internal organs. In contrast, fat in the buttocks and thighs are actually many who are synthesized into proteins, so it can protect the body and prevent various diseases including preventing infertility. In the International Journal of Obesity mentioned having too little fat in the hip can cause metabolic problems. And indeed the fat around the thighs and the back is more difficult to remove than fat in the waist area. But this can actually be beneficial, because the slower the burning hip fat, the hormone production becomes more. The Best Weight Loss Program: The 3 Week Diet Plan System "Fat around your hips and thighs is good for someone, but if it's around the stomach it's a bad thing, the more fat around your thighs the better, as long as your stomach remains slim," said Dr. Konstantinos Manolopoulos of Oxford University. So if you want to burn fat, fat burning in the stomach or waist, while the fat in the thighs and hips advised not too little to remain a fertile woman.
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