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Created 2017-07-13
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Title The proper exercise for women in pregnancy
Description Almost all pregnant women are haunted by varicose veins in their legs. This blood vessel bulge makes itchy, the legs feel heavy and sick, the skin around the varicose veins feels pulsating or even a burning sensation. Some sports can reduce varicose veins during pregnancy. Anything? Varicose veins are swelling or bulge in the blood vessels that are near the skin surface. This condition is usually blue or purple that mostly appears on the feet, although sometimes it can be elsewhere. Varicose veins during pregnancy usually occur when the uterus exerts pressure on the large venous (inferior vena cava) vessels that carry blood back to the heart from the legs. In addition to the effects of pressure from the uterus, varicose veins can also appear due to hormonal changes. During pregnancy there is an increase in the hormone progesterone resulting in physical and psychological changes. However, this condition is generally not dangerous for pregnancy. Here are some sports that can reduce the bulge of this vein during pregnancy, as reported by Livestrong, Tuesday (03/21/2011), namely: 1. Cycling Heavy activity is not recommended during pregnancy, but mild exercise such as cycling can help reduce varicose veins during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the uterus will increase the pressure on the inferior vena cava and thus the blood does not circulate well in the lower part of the body. This results in increased pressure resulting in the formation of varicose veins in the legs. By cycling for 30 minutes a day, you can improve blood circulation to the bottom of the foot, strengthen the muscles and tendons that support blood vessels in the legs and help prevent varicose veins. 2. Walking Lunge Walking Lunge is a mild exercise that can strengthen the muscles and blood vessels in the legs and can help prevent varicose veins. Walking Lunge can build muscle, burn calories, improve blood circulation and prevent blood accumulation in the lower body. To do so, you need two small barbells. Start by placing one leg back and forward with each hand holding the barbell. Bend the knees of the legs in the back and the front legs form a 45-degree angle. Hold this condition for 5 seconds and repeat for several times. 3. Walking Walking for 30 minutes a day will improve blood circulation, prevent excessive weight gain, strengthen muscles and blood vessels in the legs and can prevent varicose veins during pregnancy. 4. Swim Swimming is another aerobic exercise you can do while pregnant to help prevent or treat varicose veins. Any form of aerobic exercise that improves circulation and strengthens the leg muscles can be performed by pregnant women to prevent and treat varicose veins. While exercise is an excellent way to prevent varicose veins during pregnancy, a healthy lifestyle is also needed to prevent varicose veins. Weight gain and long standing or sitting contribute to varicose risk factors during pregnancy. A healthy diet by multiplying fruits and vegetables, lean protein and fiber can manage your weight during pregnancy. High fruit vitamin C will also help prevent varicose veins because vitamin C can help strengthen blood vessels. Avoid wearing tight clothing because it will limit blood flow and can contribute to form varicose veins. Avoid standing long or sitting and if you are sitting, keep your feet high. please visit fat burning exercises for women
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