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Created 2017-07-14
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Title The best month for you to diet while travelling
Description There is a saying that time is everything, including health. Well, for a vacation and diet there is also a good time to do it. When? The end of February and the beginning of March are moments when a person experiences a psychological downturn and these moments are a good time to take a holiday. "Moments like that people need encouragement to improve the mood (mood) for example by doing a vacation," said Matthew Edlund, MD, director of the Center for Circadian Medicine in Sarasota, FL as quoted from Prevention, Monday (10/18/2010) . Vacation can have a positive impact on health that can be done by going to beaches, mountains or other places where the purpose of leaving for a moment all kinds of work affairs. Rest is done is needed by the body to restore the condition itself and make the body feel healthier. "It's important for someone to do recreation or leisure, as a way to enjoy life, but there are great benefits that can be gained by raising health and relieving stress," says Karen Matthews of the University of Pittsburgh's Mind-Body Center. Org, Monday (10/18/2010). A person's health will deteriorate over time if a person does not take a break from work. Therefore Matthews suggests the more often a person on vacation, will make him able to live longer. Other benefits that can be obtained if a person on vacation is able to help improve creativity, increase productivity because the body does not experience fatigue, can improve quality of life with low stress levels and better sleep patterns, increase ties with the people closest and one way to give Gift for yourself. Month for diet As for weight loss there are also seasons. And early summer in June is the easiest time to lose weight. Because often the body will naturally lose weight when the weather warms up, this is because increased activity and fresh fruits and vegetables are easier to obtain. Losing weight can not be done instantly need patience for maximum results and not re-stretched. Do not think should be able to lose weight a few pounds but enough self-motivation to reduce weight by 1 kg. After successfully down, repeat the motivation as the next target. see also the 3 week diet reviews By thinking only down 1 kg and after reached then self-motivation to go down 1 kg again, then without feast for long weight down can be bigger than what was expected before. In essence, the number of calories that enter must be balanced with calories burned. This means that there is a balance of energy in the body, then the food intake (input energy) should be proportional to the amount of exercise (energy output). During this time that much is the input energy is large but there is no output energy, resulting obesity.
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