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Created 2017-07-15
Owner alenalbert
Title Overweight? avoid soda drinks
Description soft drink seems to have become a trend especially among young people. Though already many health experts who reminded that soft drinks is not healthy, whatever the brand. Why? No health benefits can be obtained from soft drinks or soft drinks. All you get is a lot of useless calories. In addition, carbonated drinks also bring adverse health effects as well as smoking. But it seems like appeals from doctors or health practitioners to stop consuming soft drinks are rarely heard by most people. Modern trends seem to stick when someone drinks soft drinks. Why stop drinking soft drinks? Quoted from GeniusBeauty, Wednesday (7/7/2010), here are 5 reasons why people should stop drinking soft drinks: 1. Obesity (excessive weight) Researchers at the University of Texas found that soft drinks increased the risk of obesity by an average of 32.8 percent, while diet coke (sugar-free soft drinks) actually increased the risk to 54.5. So sugar-free soft drinks are not always healthy. 2. Useless calories Most soda drinks contain 250 calories per 600 ml. There is no nutrient or mineral content in it, but only sugar and caffeine. see also fat burning workouts for women 3. Addictive or addictive Soft drinks can also cause some kind of addiction. Which stimulates addiction is the content of caffeine in it. After quitting the habit of drinking soft drinks, you will experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, depression, nervousness and shivering. 4. Increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes According to a report published by the American Heart Association in Circulation Journal in 2007, people who drink soft drinks every day will increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, a condition that increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, by 44 percent. 5. Reduce sperm count The study results in Denmark showed men who consumed 1 liter or more of soft drinks every day can be harmful to sperm. Men who often consume soft drinks produce 30 percent lower sperm than those who do not consume soft drinks.
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