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Created 2017-07-22
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Title Vegan diet might cause overweight
Description Not a few people who decided to become vegan because they want to lose weight. Whereas in fact if done in an inappropriate manner, applying a vegan diet can also make fat. Based on research done in 2016 and published in the Journal of General Medicine, people who apply the average vegan diet lose more weight. According to Alyssa Cohen nutritionist, not consuming animal products at all means you eliminate cholesterol and fat intake, which in itself can help you lose weight. Meanwhile, food from vegetable sources is also known to contain vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that are also better. Read also: the best weight loss program with 3 week diet This combination is considered to be an important key to losing weight, when you decide to become a vegan. The same is also mentioned by the nutritionalist Tom Hritz, RD. "Eating foods from vegetable sources makes you satisfied with fewer calories, than if you're full of animal-based foods," says Hritz, as quoted from Women's Health Mag. However, Cohen says there are some intake of vegetable products that if consumed in excess can also make weight gain. Among the fries. Another mistake is to change the diet too extreme, so tend to 'shock' and need more food to be able to feel full. The key, finding the right protein source. "Sometimes people with a vegan diet will eat more carbohydrates and starchy vegetables to feel full, but this actually makes the protein intake is reduced," said Nina Eng, RD, from Plainview Hospital, New York.
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