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Created 2017-07-29
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Title what you can do to test your body power
Description The secret to success from strength training is not focusing on what you want to do, but on what you have to do. That is, you need to practice to overcome your weaknesses, not just enjoy the movement you like. Well, to find out what your weaknesses are, try to do the following 10 tests. A qualified lifter is certainly capable of doing things below. 1. Bench Press is Your Body Weight Image credit: Image credit: Mastering the weight of a weight-weight barbell is one of the transitions between a beginner's rider and a middle class. Hence, if you have been practicing long enough but still, you should be able to lift your weight barbell. Not only the bench press, but also other movements such as front squats and clean. If that does not work, avoid doing too many variations and strengthening your technique. 2. Deadlift Twice Your Body Weight Heavy-deadlift Image credit: This is also one of the basic tests, but not a few people who are still in trouble despite practicing for years. Grip strength, position, voltage control, and injury may be the factor. Interestingly, you do not have to practice deadlift to strengthen deadlift. Pull-up helps grip strength, kettlebell swing helps the strength of the hips and buttocks, while high-rep squats help you learn muscle tension. Strengthening body parts will fundamentally make your deadlift strong. 3. Holding Plank Two Minutes Image credit: Image credit: Conducting a plank with a push-up position for two minutes tests your ability to maintain muscle tension. If you are not able to do so, chances are you have done a bad stomach exercises or still do not understand the voltage. To practice it, you can do a plank or walk with a heavy kettlebell / dumbbell in one hand. It helps you learn body tension. 4. Sleeping With One Pillow Image credit: Image credit: If you need more than one pillow during sleep, then you need to train your body flexibility. You may have some kind of kyphosis that makes your spine slightly curved forward. Over time, some of your muscles may become firmer than others. By returning the flexibility, you can get a more perfect posture. 5. Sit on Floor Without Hand Help, Knee, or Dry Bones Image credit: Image credit: From a standing position, sit on the floor where you stand without the help of your hands, knees, or shins. Then, try to wake up again without putting the burden on the other but the legs. Although simple, this test can show the level of fitness, even your life expectancy. If you are not 50 years old and have trouble doing this, try reviewing your health and fitness. 6. Standing One Leg For 10 Seconds Image credit: Image credit: Stand on one leg and keep the balance for 10 seconds. If it fails, you may have a serious problem. It could be a problem lies in your hips. 7. Hanging For 30 Seconds Then Pull-Up Image credit: Image credit: Rely on the bar for 30 seconds. Regardless of the power of your grasp, this test is able to show you the problems you have on the shoulder and back. burn fat and build muscle If you are able to do it easily, try pull-up after hanging for 30 seconds. How many rounds can you get? 8. Jump To Your Height Image credit: Image credit: Every athletic person should be able to make a leap as far as his height. From a standing position, measure the distance using your height and skip the distance. 9. Holding Squat Position 30 Seconds Image credit: Image credit: Do the squats down, hold for 30 seconds, then stand back without the help of your hands. This test gives you insight into the health of your lower body. 10. Farmers Walk The Body Weight Image credit: Image credit: Do the farmers walk using weight your weight for several steps. It tests how far your ability to move things, as well as your strengths are functional. Well, of all the tests above, how many points can you do well? Continue to defraud your shortcomings so that all the above moves you can do perfectly!
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