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Created 2017-08-01
Owner alenalbert
Title get bananas for your diet menu
Description Fruits other than rich in fiber also contain many vitamins and minerals. Even so, there are some fruits that have a plus value, which is good for weight loss. Even according to experts, diet to lose weight can be more beneficial if you eat these fruits. Anything? Summarized from various sources, the following 10 good fruit consumed while on the diet, the first part: Avocado Avocado is a fruit rich in omega 9. This fruit is beneficial for the diet because it speeds up the metabolism process to burn fat and is a good source of energy. But remember, the consumption of avocados directly or processed into a salad without dressing. If consumed as a juice, the benefits of omega 9 will not be absorbed properly by the body. Watermelon Watermelon is a good fruit for the diet because it does not contain fat and calories are very small. One glass of watermelon juice has only about 50 calories. In addition, watermelon also contains vitamin A, B, C and high content of lycopene, one of the enzymes that are good for preventing heart disease and cancer. Banana see also Bananas contain high enough carbohydrates that are easy to make full and fit to eat as morning and afternoon snacks. The highest benefit is in young and greenish bananas because the sugar content is quite low. Wine Various studies have proven that wine has good benefits to lose weight. One of them, wine contains good carbohydrates consumed at breakfast. Consuming wine when breakfast is also useful to facilitate the digestive system.
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