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Created 2017-08-02
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Title Beware the sugar of fruits you consume
Description The fruit has a sweet taste because it contains natural sugar. Well, is it true if it says natural sugar in the fruit can also cause diabetes and make fat? Quoted from Men's Health, research from China just mentioned that the more fruit you eat, then your risk for diabetes will be decreased. Each serving of fruit per day is associated with a decrease in diabetes risk by 12 percent. According to the researchers, this result is obtained by comparing when respondents consume a sweet intake of snacks with artificial sweeteners. "Fruits are sweet and sugar, but natural sugars in the fruit will not be metabolized in the same way as artificial sugars," the researchers wrote. Read also: Eat Shrimp Then Drink Lemon Ice, It's Effect For The Body The same is also said by nutritionist Jansen Ongko, MSc, RD. He mentioned that in general all fruits contain carbohydrates in the form of sugar (fructose). But do not worry because the sugar in the fruit is safe for consumption. try 3week diet at Health Blog And Reviews "Fruits are also rich in vitamins and minerals," said Jansen told Health. For your own fruit, he advises you to consume them in various colors. This is because each color has a unique content called phytochemicals, which in addition to giving fruit and vegetable colors but also beneficial to the health of the body. "For those with no health problems, there is no limit to eating these fruits, but for people with certain diseases like diabetes, you should limit your fruits because they can trigger a rapid rise in blood glucose," Jansen says.
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