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Created 2017-08-04
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Title what are the effect if you don't eat breakfast often?
Description Recently a team of doctors from a hospital in China managed to expel hundreds of gallstones from a woman's body in just one operation. The patient was only called surnamed Chen and was 45 years old. According to a team of doctors report, they not only take out a lot of gallstones, but some of them have the same size as an egg. The process of removal of gallstones is done by doctors from Guangji Hospital, Hezhou, China and spent up to 6.5 hours. Alleged doctors, these stones are formed because Chen often skip breakfast. Diet schedule is more often irregular. Even this habit is said to have done since 10 years ago. This condition eventually makes Chen often complain of stomach pain. At that time he had been to the hospital and recommended to immediately undergo surgery. But this woman refused for fear. Chen was finally hospitalized again after complaining that the pain in his stomach 'is no longer bearable'. The doctor who dissected it, Dr Quan Xuwei explains this is not the first time he handles patients with gallstones. And most of his patients who experience gall stones admitted often miss breakfast or eat in a hurry. "Patients admitted often exhausted after work he did not cook food well for dinner," he explained as reported The Sun. Read also: healthy guides blog The occurrence of gallstones is not only caused by irregular eating habits but also indiscriminate diet. This indiscriminate diet causes a person to lose weight drastically. "This happens in weight that decreases drastically due to prolonged starvation, which eat less," said Dr. Erik Rohmando Purba, SpPD from General Hospital Bunda, Menteng, Central Jakarta some time ago. This is because when someone is experiencing drastic weight loss due to careless diets, food intake becomes reduced. This condition causes bile sap to accumulate because it is not channeled to the intestine. This buildup occurs in the gallbladder in the liver. The more rarely used, the fluid in the gallbladder will be more concentrated, and over time the liquid will crystallize and become stones.
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