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Created 2017-09-19
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Title Healthy Foods For Diet For Patients with Ulcer
Description Some foods that are recommended for consumption for patients with heartburn is a safe for the stomach, meaning that the food is easy to digest and does not contain much acid. 1. Potatoes boiled, this food is alkaline after going through the digestive process so it is safe in consumption for the stomach. In addition, potatoes are also a source of alternative carbohydrates in addition to rice, corn or sago. 2. Steamed banana, if you like to eat this steamed banana is one of the right choice, because the steamed banana is safe for the stomach and digestion. Just to know that not a few of our officials who understand about health, he always provides steamed bananas at work, 3. Green broccoli, a lot of nutrients contained in green broccoli such as potassium, calcium, sulfur, vitamin-C and minerals, so many who use broccoli as a good source of antioxidants for endurance. Some other good vegetables in the consumption of ulcer sufferers are squash and carrots. 4. Fresh green vegetables, some green vegetables such as long beans, mustard greens, spinach, safe in the consumption of ulcer patients, other than that the nutritional needs and vitamins of the body are met. 5. Fresh fruit, some fresh fruit can also help reduce the buildup of acid in the stomach, you can choose bananas, papaya, melons, and tomatoes, they are a good source of potassium to stabilize PH levels of stomach acid. 6. Aloe vera, although classified as aloe vera plant contains anthraquinone and quinone compounds as antibiotics and pain relievers, saponins are useful for wound healing and heat relief, while mukopolisakarida compounds are useful to restore inflammation in the digestive tract so safe for ulcer patients. 7. Fine foods, some delicate foods such as green bean porridge or rice porridge helps to facilitate the digestive process in the small intestine so safe for the stomach. see my diet program in 8. Candy or sugar, if you like to eat candy then this will help stimulate saliva to produce saliva that is alkaline that helps neutralize stomach acid, but need to rethink if you fear impact on your dental health. If you can control the food in daily consumption well is not impossible to recover from heartburn you suffered, you can also run a diet program simultaneously. So, in addition to heartburn ulcer you will also have the ideal body shape.
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