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Created 2018-01-31
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About me This week ,The runescape team updated the Elder Simulacrum Outfit and RuneScape Divination fragments informations ,Let's see all details now.And you can buy rs 3 gold on

Something you need to know on Elder Simulacrum Outfit

You should know When your Divination level reaches 70, you can get the ability to gather simulacrum fragments in your currency pouch. And about 90 to 110 fragments will be won at 5-min intervals when divining, with 1/2,500 chance of obtaining an extra 3600 fragments when one is gained.You can then fuse the fragments together at Divination level 80 using Invention (level 20) to make the five pieces of each of the Divine Simulacrum outfits: the Divination Energy outfit, the Divination Chronicle outfit and the Divination Memory outfit.Once you have all three, you can combine them to make the best of it, And the Elder Simulacrum Outfit, which gives you the following benefits:

1.7% chance to harvest two memories at once, providing you with twice the XP and divine energy.

2.5% chance to get five times the energy while harvesting wisps.

3.7% chance of harvesting 2 chronicle fragments/elder chronicles at a time

4.3 daily teleports to any wisp colony that you have both the levels and the quest requirements to visit.

5.The benefits of the Modified diviner's headwear if owned.

6.Unlimited teleports to May Stormbrewer or Guthix's Cave, given you’ve completed The World Wakes.

7. Uses Diviner’s outfit bonus experience if owned, even while the set is in the bank or being held by Diango. This is dependent on the number of outfit pieces owned.

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