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Created 2018-02-05
Owner ownher
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About me As Musco mentioned in the Live Stream yesterday, we are busy updating the roadmap, which will be available in mid-February. Remember, we just released Game Update 5.7, so look forward to a roadmap that will give you an idea of the next 90 days or so.As always, stick with and we'll provide you with SWTOR!By the way , you guys can go to Swtor2credits to buy swtor credits with cheap price.

I'm not ready to discuss all the summer games that we're planning. And, I will never provide any information about 6.0. So, as always, stick with us and we'll provide you with SWTOR!By the way , you guys can go to gamereasy to buy some cheap swtor credits.

For many of you privately, yes, I did a good job, but December and January were very busy for all of our planning activities. Personally, I've been playing a lot and focused on making super enhancements for my characters. I hope I can reach the elite warlord in the second role as soon as possible. To be honest, I am very satisfied with all the changes we made to the Galaxy Command Station last year.

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