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Created 2018-02-06
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Title Guide for you to buy up to 9% off rs 2007 gold cheap for Valentine on Rs3gold from 2.10-2.22
About me For low level players, we believe recently RuneScape Catfish is a good choice as food for you, compared with Monkfish, Beltfish, Lobster or Shark. And you can also get cheap rs3 gold from

Catfish - 1500/88
You can catch raw catfish with Fishing level 60 in the Port district of Menaphos by using a fishing rod and fishing bait, granting 85 Fishing XP and 4.5 reputation to the faction you are set as active per catch. When cooking it with level 60 Cooking, you can get 145 Cooking XP. And the cooked fish - Catfish can heal you up to 1500 life points according to your Constitution level. Please note that for receiving the full amount of healing from this food, your Constitution level needs to be at least 60.
Right now it is worth 88 coins on Grand Exchange.

Monkfish - 1650/198 & Beltfish - 1600/399
The cooked raw beltfish (caught in the Port district of Menaphos) can heal you 1650 life points when you have level 66 Constitution or higher. And it values 198 coins on GE currently.
In addition, Monkfish can heal 1600 life points when consumed by those whose Constitution level reaches 64 or higher. And it is worth 399 coins on GE now.

Shark - 2000/1461 & Lobster 1500/98
Each Shark can heal you up to 2000 life points, and you have to reach 80 level Constitution at least for receiving the full amount of healing from this food. And it currently values 1,461 coins.
Lobster is worth 98 coins right now but only can heal 1200 life points when your Constitution level is 48 or higher.

According to the above figures, you can see that the Catfish is cheaper than other four kinds of food when healing a maximum of 1500 HP. Don’t you think it’s a proper option for low level players?

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