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Category Cottages
Created 2018-04-03
Owner makebloom
Title Best Path Of Exile Guide On Win Royale As A Witch
Description In Path of Exile, Royale have been ended, but it's still fun to craft PvP builds for this kind of mode. So Witch is probably regarded as the weakest class to play Royale with - she has no starting life nodes and her damage nodes only give spell damage. However, don't write her off. Both of these can be turned into advantages. First off, enough poe exalted orb is necessary, note that the Witch gets the top tier starting mana regen node, which also gives her some base flat ES. Don't see the ES thing as a downside - an advantage of ES is that it regenerates on its own i.e. it doesn't use up flask charges. You just need to get enough of it. Early game ES isn't enough to survive a fight, but you don't need to do that - you just need to survive the odd hit. The key is to be tactical with your player fights. Don't facetank - use the rocks as cover. You can also use Frost Wall to make your own cover if out in the open. If those Split Arrow casuals hit you, just duck behind cover again and in a few seconds you're back at full HP. Cold Snap! This is how you kill players. Cold Snap has an innate 30% freeze chance (link it with Ele Prolif as well to make it 50%!). Don't worry about the cooldown, you're not going to try to chain hit anyway. Hide close to your opponent, use Cold Snap and, if they're frozen, go in and burst them down. On the tree, take the first spell dmg node and then go up the ES and then mana route at the fork. This is an outlast-your-opponent strategy - a lot of your damage comes from spell levels, so don't worry about the 10% spell dmg minor nodes. Unlike the other players going ham on damage nodes, you should prioritise getting a decent ES and mana pool/mana regen rate. You can also keep the pressure on them while in hiding using Summon Zombie and Summon Raging Spirit. The zombies distract them, while the SRS keep chomping down on their health while you're safe, as well as distracting them if there's no more corpses left. You don't really need them to kill for you, but rather to distract and, most importantly, eat up more of their precious flask charges (don't drain all your own mana constantly summoning raging spirits - just a few to keep them from relaxing). Btw, if there's a couple final players duking it out with you in the mix, run away. Let them finish each other off - this is really a 1v1 victory method since it relies on patience. You could even help one of them with your Cold Snap on the other one from a distance. There's a lot more players guide on our website, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe orbs buy, you will get more gains.
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