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Created 2018-04-13
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Title Some important factors to effect the life time of printer
Description From the cartridge body to points, there are two major integrated and drum powder separation. Integral and drum separation of the difference is that split-type photo conductor drum can be separated, but not integrated. When the toner is exhausted, the user only needs to change the corresponding toner cartridge, so the cost of using the integrated cartridge is higher, and the toner cartridge with separate cartridge has higher cost performance.

In general cartridge is made of aluminum tubes and photosensitive materials, in addition to the use of drum powder separation technology, but also used a long life cartridge technology. Cartridges with long-life technology are composed of five layers of material, while the average cartridge has only the first three layers. The first layer is generally aluminum, the second layer is the insulating layer, the third is the photosensitive layer, the fourth layer is the first protective layer, the fifth layer is the second protective layer. Behind the fourth and fifth layers are used to protect the photosensitive layer, the two layers are long-life cartridge unique protective layer technology to protect the entire cartridge long life.

The use of long-life toner cf217a protects the mechanical part of the laser printer, allowing the device to last longer, doubling the life of the laser printer. Try to use the original supplies, although the cost will be high, but you can avoid damage to the printer due to supplies problems. For example, because of ink and plug the nozzle, but the replacement of a print head is also relatively high cost, while filling the toner may appear to burn the printer chip.Each printer has a monthly print load, try not to exceed this amount when using, if a large print volume, can be divided into multiple times to complete each print can be paused for a few minutes and then the next print, because the overload print Will speed up the loss of printer components. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the printer can effectively extend the life of the printer. For laser printers, toner protectors, paper feed rollers, air vents and other components can be regularly cleaned, and the printer can also be cleaned by purchasing a special laser printer "cleaning paper."

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