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Created 2018-06-29
Owner RosemaryRobbins
Title nike air presto black
Description We ve seen Nike nike air presto black apply winterized touches to a few popular designs this season, attaching an OMS designation as an identifier for details like rugged traction patterns, boot lacing setups and earthy colorways. But while we re still waiting to find out exactly what that acronym means, a new pair has just dropped with a name that makes us wonder if we can just drop the confusion altogether. The Nike Dunk High Winter is reminiscent of the earliest generation of Nike Sport Culture hybrid styles (most notably 2007 s Trainer Dunk), and reminds us how this modular design movement has moved beyond Frankensteining into some highly functional boot hybrids over the past few years. Sneaker ads have evolved to the point where they either seamlessly blend into your web surfing experience, or absolutely captivate you to the point where DVRs seem unnecessary. But back when the printed word was at its peak, full-page ads in magazines used to be one of the most popular ways to tease a new release. Here s a look at an interesting collaboration of sorts from nike air presto ultra flyknit 2001, when mag ad geniuses Absolut got in on the sneakerhead craze before the Nike SB craze helped to usher in the current wave. Absolut Obsession has the familiar Swedish vodka bottle shape in play as per the usual, but what s so remarkable about this particular iteration is both that it s crafted entirely in kicks, and that so many of them represent old school Reebok heat. Have a look at the full ad below, let us know which pairs you ve owned and if you remember seeing this Serge Paulet photo in its first run. You can also check out a Nike collector s re-creation of the classic ad after the jump as well. Late last week Sneaker News reported the October 6th release date for the highly-anticipated Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy . A different version of that shoe a collaboration with Sole Collector magazine was confirmed some time ago, and it appears that those will in fact release a bit earlier. This Friday, the SC x Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy will become available exclusively through their Sole Collector iPad Issue 11. Of course, you ll not only need an iPad, but the downloaded September issue, so make sure you set that up for this Friday s release. Full information is just ahead, so prep for this Friday s release and let us know if you ll be on the hunt. The LeBron 8 and 9 has seen heavy use in the custom sneaker circuit, but that same can t exactly be said nike air huarache cheap for the Air Max LeBron VII. The first of the Jason Petrie era and the last of the Cavs period, the Air Max LeBron VII is the sneaker that really pushed the Nike LeBron into new heights, kicking things off with the energetic Red Carpet colorway. Such a punchy combination of aqua blue, white, black, and a hint of red has never been tampered with until now, as Laptop Lasane brings a flipped version of the Red Carpet featuring a primarily Red/Aqua upper with black accents. Your thoughts on this nike air huarache sale custom? Make your judgements after flipping through the gallery below.
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