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Created 2018-07-05
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Title Replica Rado Original Automatic R12 637 15 5 watch

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Learn more about Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Asymétrique Edition Historique.

The final version of the modern classic, with an updated design.

The tourbillon 24SecondesAsymétrique was first introduced by Greubel Forsey a decade ago in 2007 and has been the company's symbol in the past few decades - in this respect it may only exceed the double tourbillon 30o. Asymétrique's Vision version will continue to receive the Ariille d'Or Grand Prix at the 2015 Geneva Watch Grand Prix, as well as 15 versions of the Tourbillon 24 Secondes and five Asymétriques, which are launching an asymmetric version of the Tour Historiques. It comes in two versions - red gold or platinum - each with 11 pieces.

Ten years later, the Tourbillon 24SecondesAsymétrique remains a visually powerful reminder that makes Greubel Forsey unique in modern watchmaking. The design is still strongly polarized; the asymmetrical augmentation of the 24-second tourbillon seems to impress people, no matter the genius or the inexplicable fat, the middle is rare. It's always useful to me, I think it works very well in terms of composition, especially with the addition of a new power reserve and a running second display that has been redesigned from the earlier Edition Historiques model. We also have the Contemporain version of the Tourbillon 24 Secondes which can also be used for shooting, which is an interesting comparison with the Asymétrique richard mille sapphire watch replica

Compared to the Historiques version, Contemporaine is more straightforward, although it is quite Baroque alongside many other modern watches. However, many of its competitors are trying to look more confusing in terms of price and complexity (if you can even think of the tourbillon as a complex feature, with some controversy), even if there are fewer visual elements to deploy. The various side parts of the dial seem to float freely, almost as if suspended in the sky, and the tourbillon's transparent sapphire bridge reinforces the illusion. However, there are many asymmetrical elements, including the tourbillon and various indication positions, as well as the incision of the sapphire hour track between 7:00 and 8:00.

In contrast, Historiques has a more complex dial aspect, some of which are related to the fact that although Contemporain really does not have a dial, in the traditional sense, Historiques does have a dial. The dial of the Historiques is separated in the middle, and the only element that overlaps the sides of the dial is the running stopwatch. It is almost a panda dial on steroids; on the left is the darkness of the white (the golden light of the tourbillon is illuminated by the sapphire window set on the side of the case) and the darkness around the arc of the power reserve indicator on the ULYSSE NARDIN replica Watches

Of course, one of the most striking features of the dial is the French text, a statement or statement of the design and history of the Tourbillon 24SecondesAsymétrique, and pointing out that the design is a continuation of the same design philosophy of DoubleTourbillon30oHistoriques, while the Tourbillon 24SecondesAsymétrique Edition The Historiques version represents the end of the series, which ends in 183 watches. If you don't like to write on the dial, it will definitely make you break out in hives, but purely as a visual element, it breaks the dark side of the dial well. It seems to be suitable for this character. This watch is both outward and somewhat elegy,

The invention - the tilted 24-second tourbillon - did have precedents in the history of watches, although they were extremely rare (American watchmaker Albert Porter was considered his 1860). This idea will basically balance the time it takes for the balance spring and escapement to take up at any of the most geometric extreme positions where positional errors will be the most common. Many years ago, I asked Stephen Forsey, whether the technical complexity of his and the tourbillon of Robert Greubel meant that the actual, practical timing advantage would be very difficult to win, and he said, "You know, get more than you lose. Things are always difficult. “However, in 2011, the Greubel Forsey dual tourbillon 30o technology won the Concourse Internationalde Chronométrie, which won 915 out of 1000 possible points. It's worth remembering that although Greubel Forsey is known for its sporting finishing, behind all the enticing cosmetics, there is a strong interest in watch science.Hublot MP Limited Editions Complications replica Watches

As in the case of the Greubel Forsey watch, the side of the movement of the Tourbillon 24Secondes Asymétrique Histiques Edition is at least as interesting as the dial. Greubel Forsey's trade stock in sports aesthetics has always been a combination of Swiss and British traditional sports finishing and sports layout, and it remains here. The movement of this watch is very large - almost the size of a pocket watch, with a diameter of 36.40mm (thickness 9.35mm). Both the motherboard and the bridge are nickel-silver (also known as maillechort). The two main barrels provide a 72-hour power reserve.

I said at the beginning that the tourbillon 24SecondesAsymétriqueEditionHistorique has a polarized design and is not just an asymmetrical case. However, when you make something with a clear design feature, you often see this polarization reaction. Like Greubel Forsey, the craftsmanship of the watch is absolutely beyond reproach. For me, the whole process is effective. I often think that those who like pocket watches are very good at reacting well with Greubel Forsey timepieces - in both cases, you have time to keep the machines, they seem to really like their machines, instead of trying to reduce it .Hublot MP Limited Editions Complications replica Watches

Ideal as an elegant watch, a thinner and better trend, and an ideal choice for the watchmaking industry, it has a long history (can be said to be the first thin Lepine caliber in the mid-18th century). However, this is another impulse: the reassuring sturdiness of over-construction, and the sense of precision through physical stability, reaching its logical extremes (this is another echo of a classic British high-end pocket watch, usually more than Reconstruction of Swiss peers. Over the years, many small independent brands have appeared in watch extremism, but few people can think of them, if any, through the fascinating experiment of mad scientists to pursue idioms,

Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Edition Historique: Display version, red gold and white dial (platinum and anthracite dial are also available). Case, 44 mm x 15.78 mm, asymmetrical sapphire crystal mirror; articulated lug. Waterproof, 30 meters. Movement, 36.40mm x 9.35mm, tourbillon cage 0.39g; free-balance vibration with 21,600 vph vibration; balance spring and Phillips terminal curve. Double main barrel, 72 hours power reserve; board and bridge, Germany / Nickel Silver / maillechort. Tourbillon, tilted at 25o; 24 Rado Original replica Watches


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