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Category Hardware
Created 2018-07-10
Owner mafiacitydd
Title Mafia City H5: Play online with your friends or with random strangers
Description Original Story October 6, 2016: It seems Yotta Games's Mafia MMORPG Game, Mafia City, might be locked at 30fps on PC, if pre-release code is anything to go by.
We don't currently have review code to confirm, but PC Gamer do, and they've released a post about the game's current PC performance.
After receiving code this afternoon, their reviewer says the game felt "sluggish", so they fired up Fraps and saw that it was running at a locked 30fps with their GTX 970, overclocked i5-6600K, and 16GB of RAM.
They tried to get the frame rate higher by turning the resolution down to 720p and setting the game at its lowest graphical settings, but still the game cruised along at 30fps. We've also had this confirmed by another games freelancer who's reviewing on PC.

Of course, this could be fixed in a day one patch, or perhaps with a game ready driver, but for now that's how it is. The game unlocks at midnight, so there's not much time for a fix if one is coming. Perhaps it will unlock along with the retail version. Time will tell.

English: Mafia City

Chinese Traditional: 黑道風雲

Author: SmallSheepDudugo

Type Pc
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