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Created 2018-07-12
Owner zw1100
Title Server Maintenance on July 5th
Description Now you can unlock a supplementary bonus stat when pairing two 4* eidolons. The bonus given will double 3* stats and grow available as soon as the two eidolons paired with your Eidolon Collection Tab are near level 80, perform your Love Vows over the Ring of Oath and unlocked the 4* buffs. The dungeon are going to be available every day from the Nightmare Dungeons Portals at Black Rock Desert. It is a party dungeon along with your character have to be in order to go into. Inside the dungeon you can find a familiar place though with quite a new challenge. Pair up and play smart in order to survive. Fight to Nidhogg, Cerberus, Michael, Demeter among others to complete the dungeon. Inside the dungeon you are going to be able to obtain newer eidolons Key Fragments as well as their accessories. You may also be granted with amazing loyalty rewards and Nightmare Crests (increases your eidolon stats x5 times than the usual greater crest) and Nightmare XP Crystals (increases your eidolon exp x10 times than the usual dazzling crystal). Complete the very last chamber for an opportunity at Level 80 Eidolon Accessories, Rings of Oaths and Eidolon Reroll Scrolls while using Hidden Treasures. Not only the very last treasures but all Eidolons in the dungeon will drop Nightmare Coins. Be careful! Every time you die, you are going to receive an exp penalty that could only be removed by leveling up. But that isn't it... Every time you die inside this dungeon, all of your stats are going to be reduce in 1% for a half-hour. The penalty duration won't stack, however the effects will around 10 times (meaning you may get a reduction from 10% in the event you aren't careful enough!) Available for starters week, from July 5th to July 12th. The summer breeze that is certainly coming we have found trying to force us to reside the outside, breath clean air and connect with nature... But since nobody has the the perfect time to go outside, we provide you with nature in this article to Azuria! On this week's paragon table, you are going to feel healthier and loving than in the
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