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Description WASHINGTON, March 4 (Xinhua) -- Trees planted by ancient peoples may have shaped the landscape of the Amazon rainforest, according to a new study. The study published in the Science journal on Thursday compared data about the tree composition of forests at over 1,000 sites across the Amazon with a map of over 3,000 archaeological sites. "Some of the tree species that are abundant in Amazonian forests today, like cacao, acai, and Brazil nut, are probably common because they were planted by people who lived there long before the arrival of European colonists," said Nigel Pitman from Chicago's Field Museum, a co-author of the study. The study found that 85 tree species known to have been planted by Amazonian peoples for food, shelter, or other uses over the past thousands of years were five times more likely to be common in mature upland forests than non-domesticated species. It also found that domesticated species in some parts of the Amazon basin were not only more common but also more diverse in forests closer to archaeological sites. The study also showed that thousands of years of human settlement in the Amazon basin had a far more profound influence on modern-day patterns of Amazonian biodiversity. Nike Lunar Eclipse – The Best in Sporting Boots Comfort is certainly necessary if you are to take partin sport activities. The Nike Lunar Eclipse is a line of shoes from Nike that has been developed with the sportsman and sportswoman in mind. With a pair of Nike Lunar Eclipse Cheap Atlanta Falcons Hoodies , you will have the level of comfort that is required for you to complete those miles without unneeded discomfort or likely harm to your feet due to this fact of improper running shoes. Easy mobility Using Nike Lunar Eclipse, you get a seamless upper feature and floating heel that will give you adequate support when sporting. 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The cost is also sensible, thinking of this is a Nike shoe, and the good quality you get from it will make you put aside how much it cost you Deadrin Senat Falcons Jersey , which again, is really acceptable. Design Nike Lunar Eclipse does not just deliver in function. The style of Nike Lunar Eclipse will have your buddieson the track gawking at your feet. The the greatest in style has been stiched into the shoe, so that you will be making a fashion statement on the track as well as on the street. Taking a power walk will make you feel like a model on the track Tevin Coleman Falcons Jersey , and the looks will have you feeling like a million bucks. For more information , visit the following website Nike Lunar Eclipse and Nike Lunar Eclipse-The best footing wear to know more about Nike shoes. BEIJING, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- CBA powerhouse Xinjiang enjoyed the 10th straight win after breezing past Jilin 127-114 on Friday. Xinjiang shooter Andrew Goudelock knocked down as many as nine three-pointers to get a game-high 39 points. Korambek Makhan added 20 points. Rising star center Zhou Qi finished with 12 points Austin Hooper Falcons Jersey , 11 rebounds and four blocks. Xinjiang rested Andray Blatche and Xiralijan Muhtar, but the star-studded team still harvest an easy victory. Xinjiang dashed away from the very beginning, and collected more than 100 points in three quarters. Xinjiang topped the league with a perfect 10-0 record after the game. Jilin scorer Marcus Williams led the team with 27 points. Last season's runner-up Liaoning came out from a two-game losing streak to beat Shandong 106-94. Liaoning climbed to the fifth place with a 7-3 record thanks to the victory. Liaoning top scorer Lester Hudson almost finished "Triple-Double" with 24 points Deion Jones Falcons Jersey , 13 rebounds and nine assists. Five other Liaoning players took home double digits, with He Tianju and Shavlik Randolph knocking down 18 points each. Liaoning point guard Guo Ailun got 14 points and 10 assists. Shandong started the game slowly on home court. Liaoning took the chance by closing the first quarter 27-15. Shandong attacking duo Michael Beasley and Pooh Jeter found their rhythm in the second quarter. The host team kept closing the gap, until they took back the lead in the third quarter. Hudson and Liaoning center Han Dejun dominated the final quarter. They ma. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys For Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys
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