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Created 2018-10-11
Owner juniperqq
Title Where to choose the wheel from?
Description Where to choose the wheel from? There are many kinds of grinding wheels. Whether the fast cheap metal grinding disc is suitable or not directly affects the quality of grinding. Let the grinding wheel manufacturer teach you how to select the grinding wheels from which aspects to choose. The choice of abrasive, the choice of tough abrasive, abrasive choice mainly depends on the workpiece materials and heat treatment methods. The choice of particle size depends mainly on the surface roughness and grinding efficiency of the workpiece being grinded. When 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc with coarse grinding wheel, the production efficiency is high. When grinding with fine grinding wheel, the workpiece surface roughness is better. The selection of binders should be considered according to the grinding method, speed and surface processing requirements. The selection of the organization mainly considers the pressure of the workpiece, the grinding method, the material of the workpiece and so on. The choice of hardness depends mainly on the workpiece material, grinding efficiency and machined surface quality. When the material with low hardness and high elongation is selected, a more brittle abrasive is selected. When hardness is high, abrasive material with higher hardness is selected. Where can I find China cheap grinding disc price? Here is the quality and price you want.
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