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Created 2018-11-01
Owner mklyk
Title China cut off disc introduces the role of auxiliary gas:
Description The laser cutting start-up auxiliary gas usually has three kinds of oxygen, air and nitrogen, and China cut off disc different auxiliary materials are used for cutting different materials. The thickness of the incision material is different, and the pressure and flow rate of the auxiliary gas are not opposite. The pressure of the auxiliary gas has a direct influence on the laser incision. The auxiliary gas can not only blow away the slag in time, but also cool the workpiece and clean the lens. The use of different auxiliary gases can change the cutting speed and the surface quality of the slit, which is of great significance for the cutting of special metals. Common types of auxiliary gases are oxygen, air and nitrogen. The auxiliary gas is used to blow away the remaining waste and reach the best cutting effect. The gas is used to blow away the metal slag together to maintain the lens, so as to prevent the slag from sticking to the lens and affecting the cutting quality. It can be used to reach the cut surface with no burr and no slag. It can react with the material and add the cutting speed. For example, oxygen can be used to reach the combustion-supporting effect. The pressure of the auxiliary gas has a great influence on the cutting quality. Under the premise of ensuring the auxiliary gas, the gas pressure is an extremely important factor. When the thickness of the material is added or the cutting speed is slow, the gas pressure should be appropriately lowered. In order to avoid the frosting of the plastic trimming, it is better to cut at a lower gas pressure.
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