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Created 2018-11-01
Owner mklyk
Title Tell you something about the waterjet
Description Compared to traditional processing technology, there are obvious benefits to drinking. 12 inches cut off wheel .This not only cuts the functionality, reduces costs, but is also more environmentally friendly. It does not cause a lot of residue residues. Water treatment is a practical and versatile, efficient cold cutting. Water jet refers to the treatment of water pressure rising to a sufficiently high level (above 200 MPa), so that water with high kinetic energy can penetrate chemical fibers, wood, leather, rubber, etc., in certain mixing ratios and high-speed abrasives, including ceramics, stone, glass, metal, alloy and other solid materials. The correct operation of the water jet cutting operation is very high. The final cut is selected. What should I pay attention to? 1. During the cutting process, the operator and unrelated personnel should remain in the device for a certain period of time. Cut small and light blankets and use a specific method to avoid cutting during this process. 3. The need to ensure that the flat cut at the beginning of the work, to prevent damage to the pipes and cause cut-sand safety accidents. 4. If the workpiece was struck during the cutting process, other objects will be blocked to correct. 5, the procedure for replacing the batch process superimposition spray must be the first switch High pressure, high pressure, or closed, the second remaining high pressure water is removed and cooked. 6. If you use water jet cutting, different pressure peaks should be selected on different materials.12 inches cut off wheel more better. 7. Using a jet cutter process, pay attention to the seal water jet status supercharger and high pressure pipe. 8. When there is an accident, high pressure water is in the high-pressure system. After the call is made, the remaining high pressure water is emptied. Therefore, the time should not be interrupted from the beginning. When the power is switched on, the high pressure water remains low. Except for. 9. The operator should always check the flashing status of the device's operating status display. 10. Pay attention to the equipment when driving the blank.
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