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Created 2018-11-07
Owner mklyk
Title The steps that the grinding wheel needs to know to sharpen the crescent
Description thin flat cutting disc
The steps for grinding the crescent in the grinding wheel are as follows:
1 Hand-held drill bit makes the main cutting edge basically horizontal to ensure the right edge angle is appropriate. The outer edge of the outer straight edge is not allowed to be tilted.
2 When starting to sharpen, the drill bit should be fed slowly and smoothly forward and horizontally, and the back should be ground to form a circular arc. The radius of the arc and the length of the outer edge should be guaranteed. If the fillet radius of the grinding wheel is less than the value of the radius of the arc, the drill should also be slightly swung in the horizontal plane to obtain the desired radius of the arc.
3 The drill bit must not swing up and down in the vertical plane, or the sintering shaft rotates, otherwise the chisel edge becomes S-shaped, the chisel angle of the chisel edge becomes smaller, and the arc shape is also difficult to control symmetry.
4 When turning the drill bit 180° on the other side of the sharpening, special attention should be paid to maintaining the symmetry of the arc and the tip of the drill.
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