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Created 2018-12-05
Owner yanghm
Title China abrasive tools for metal and equipment situation and development trend?
Description China abrasive tools for metal and equipment industry started late in the late 1970s. Most metal grinding tool equipment factories do not know enough about the deeper metal grinding tool technology, so the development of grinding tools in China is relatively slow. From the point of view of the use of domestic grinding tool equipment, most of the grinding tools used are swinging, shuttle, tower, and other models; the domestically produced grinding tool models are roughly the same; domestic grinding tool factories each own The number of grinding machine tools is small, and there are more than one manufacturer. Overall, the development level of China's grinding tool industry is still far from the developed countries. However, the development of grinding tool manufacturing, grinding tool mold manufacturing plants and so on have emerged. Domestically, we have also successfully developed special materials for grinding tools and the variety of grinding tools is also increasing. In recent years, the rapid development of the grinding tool industry has attracted more and more attention from foreign countries to grinding tools, and more and more international exchanges. The development of China's grinding tool industry is inseparable from the continuous development of new tools for grinding tools, the continuous expansion of the application fields of abrasive tools, and the continuous improvement of grinding tool manufacturing technology and related technologies. The Abrasive Tools Industry Association will also vigorously accelerate the development of all aspects of the grinding tool industry in China in the future. Of course, everyone needs to work together. China's grinding tool industry should have a good development.
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