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Created 2018-12-06
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Title structure and principle of the equipment

Powder machinery is the massive raw materials of different state after precision ultrafine grinder processing into different fineness of fine powder, and powder dryer is used in the drying and grinding of the collection of finished product.

According to the fineness of grinding material, powder machinery equipment into the General Raymond mill, high pressure suspension roller mill, high pressure grinding, straight centrifugal mill, overpressure ladder mill, three ring speed mill categories, widely used in chemical metallurgy, building materials and other industrial production field in different.

In the device is energized after the traditional system drives the rotation center axis, the central axis continuous rotary drives a grinding stick around a grinding ring to rotate, and drives the grinding chamber powder machinery host milling.

The production line workers only need will need to grind materials into powder machinery entrance department to start the machine, raw material crushing with crushing machine, when the raw materials in the crusher to a certain extent, through the hoisting machine conveying powder technology to vibration feeding machine grinding room host feeding when grinding, grinding material through powder machinery host grinding room, into the powder drying equipment for drying and grading collected in the fan airflow driven, raw mill is complete. Powder technology and equipment mainly by Raymond mill and high speed milling machine based, powder machinery is generally composed of flour, three systems analysis, dust, powder dryer is an important part of the dust removing system.

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