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Created 2019-01-09
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Title What the Bridesmaid Needs to Bring at the Wedding
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When the bride and groom consider the tungsten rings pros and cons, perhaps you have spent a few months doing all the necessary bridesmaid tasks: tailoring a bridesmaid dress for yourself; toasting at the bride's bachelor party; planning her dreams Bridal shower in the middle. But you have to be prepared, your duties as a bridesmaid will become more busy. Before starting the wedding, make sure you have checked all the necessities from the bridesmaid baggage list.

1. Wedding invitation

Keep this at hand so you can know some important details, such as the time of the wedding, the time of the cocktail party, and the time of the reception.

2. Your mobile phone charger

You have a long day in front of you, so it is always helpful if your phone is full of juice. Take a mobile phone charger with you, or even a portable charger, which will bring your phone back to life when you are on the road.

3. A water bottle

It is important to keep moisture on the wedding day, so keep the water bottle close.

4. A pack of paper towels

On the wedding day, you can't have too much to dry your tears or make up.

5. A copy of your speech

If you have a speech at the wedding weekend – whether at a rehearsal dinner, at a ceremony, or at a reception – be sure to print a few speeches.

6. Wedding shoes

If the bride lets you pick a pair of specific high heels, or let you bring a pair of high-heeled shoes of a certain color, make sure you have the right shoes.

7. Jewelry

Put the necklace, earrings or bracelet in a small bag or box, you can put them in your wallet until you wear them.

8. An alternate tote bag

Bring an extra bag to prevent the bride from taking it home with any extra decorations or gifts at the end of the night.

9. Your own cosmetics

Even if you are making up for you by a makeup artist, bring your favorite beauty products in case you want to make up later in the evening.

10. Perfume

Roller perfume is a great choice for travel, it will make you smell good when you step into the marriage hall.

11. Tampon

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