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Created 2019-01-10
Owner yanghuim 
Title 105*1.2*16 cutting disc use precautions?
Description The development of cutting sheets has made the use of cutting sheets more and more in China, and the cutting sheets are also applied in all aspects of production. So although everyone is using cutting sheets, then you know what to pay attention to when using cutting sheets. ? Today, the Aurora Abrasives tool uses 105*1.2*16 cutting disc as an example to tell you about the precautions when using the cutting disc: 1. The cutting piece should be checked frequently to ensure normal operation. 2. The direction of rotation of the cutting piece should be correct so that the grinding debris can fly away without hurting people. 3. After the grinding wheel is started, it should wait for the grinding wheel to rotate smoothly before starting to grind. If it is found that the grinding wheel is beating obviously, it should be shut down and repaired in time. 4. Precautions when using the cutting piece, the distance between the shelf of the cutting piece and the outlet of the sand labor should be kept within 3mm to prevent the grinding piece from rolling into the accident. 5. It is not possible to wrap the workpiece with cotton yarn or wear gloves to avoid accidents caused by the glove or cotton yarn being caught in the diamond grinding wheel.
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