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Created 2019-01-11
Owner juniperqq
Title Analysis Of China Grinding Abrasive Disc
Description China grinding abrasive disc plays an extremely important role in industrial production grinding. How to make the grinding disc with industrial teeth show good grinding performance, what are the precautions in the process? 1. The speed of the diamond disc A large working line speed is specified on the label of the diamond disc. Before use, it must be confirmed whether the spindle speed of the machine tool is within the linear speed range of China grinding abrasive disc. Sometimes it is not enough to check the motor speed of the machine, but also calculate the speed ratio of the belt pulley. Some machine tools are stepped speed regulation, and operators should be careful not to mistake the speed to a speed higher than the line speed of the grinding disc. 2. Normative operation Operators sometimes do not follow the process requirements. For example, the amount of feed is specified to be 2 wires per time, and some operators have to increase the amount of feed to 5 wires per time in order to catch up with the output. Such a China grinding abrasive disc is difficult to work normally, the workpiece is prone to burns, and some burn surfaces do not show blue burn marks, but in fact the hardness of the workpiece has been lowered, which has a great influence on the quality of the workpiece. Next time, let me talk about other factors that need to be affected.
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