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Category Hardware
Created 2019-01-25
Owner juniperqq
Title Development Trend of Grinding Abrasive Disc
Description The development trend of China grinding abrasive disc. Today's gear grinders are much better than similar machines ten years ago. This is the result of a series of major improvements: Because of the use of onboard measurement system, many gear grinders have higher accuracy. Because this machine is used for measuring, it is not necessary to remove the gear from the worktable and send it to other places for inspection, thus avoiding the secondary installation error during rework. In the process of China grinding abrasive disc processing, firstly, the gear is analyzed by onboard measurement system, and the measurement parameters are compared with the theoretical design parameters to determine the required corrections. After the control system collects the correction data, it automatically adjusts the grinding state for grinding and measurement. Repeat the cycle until the required accuracy is achieved. Combining on-board measurement and onboard correction system makes modern gear grinder more efficient. In recent years, more and more direct drive motors have been used in China grinding abrasive disc spindle and gear workpiece spindle. Direct drive spindle avoids driving chain errors. Therefore, the use of direct drive motor in the grinding cycle, coupled with a better grinding disc and multi-axis linkage control, can eliminate high-frequency errors and harmful vibration of cutting graphics, geometric shape deformation, gear noise.
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