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Created 2019-03-15
Owner yanghuim 
Title How to extend the life of a China Walking Tractor Single-row Corn harvester?
Description After many users purchase the China Walking Tractor Single-row Corn harvester, they are very concerned about the service life of the equipment. How to extend the life of the China Walking Tractor Single-row Corn harvester? The harvester needs regular maintenance inspections, especially for small parts of the harvester. If the parts that are worn out for a long time need to be replaced in time, it is necessary to eliminate all kinds of troubles of the harvester in time and extend the machine. The service life guarantees the normal operation of the peanut harvester. It is necessary to check the lubrication of the machine frequently, and it is necessary to continuously add lubricating oil, which can reduce the degree of machine wear and increase the working efficiency and increase the use time. The above is the place where our professional peanut picking machine manufacturer introduces some attention to its use. We must pay more attention to the knowledge of the product during the use of agricultural machinery. Only then can we calmly respond to the machinery. We are a professional manufacturer of peanut harvesters in the event of a failure during use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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