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Created 2019-04-07
Owner Rskingdom
Title but just to support The Elder Scrolls Blades
Description However I am going to buy a $5 bundle, not cause I want it, but just to support The Elder Scrolls Blades since they have amused me for a couple months. They do possess the $100 packages, but they really are just time savers and I am not in that sort of The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold The Elder Scrolls Blades Items a hurry. I will be receiving The Elder Scrolls Blades, been looking forward to it because it was declared. I'm not the person that these games are made for. If obtaining something requires me buying... I wait. I don't have any problem with that. Bethesdas new motto"We make great games and then use the name of that game to trick even more cash from you". Between publishing Skyrim 1357 times on each platform within the period of a decade, so I almost guarantee that the new Xbox and Ps5 will get a"10th anniversary edition" in 2021(I think it originally released in 2011, could be incorrect n too lazy to double check lol). In addition to the unfinished, obvious cash grab that it is(was?) Im actually impressed that one of the most cherished programmers, who've made industry changing classics(Fallout series and Elder Scrolls) was able to release a game so poor they actually destroyed their standing. I'll be honest with you Jeremy. I play with two The Elder Scrolls Blades since they are quite innovative and fun, but most importantly I play with them for the"time-killing" they provide. It's challenging to play games for many hours without a break, or just continue playing an internet game when you are tilted at times. So The Elder Scrolls Blades have came to me in that respect of enjoyment. Kings raid is by far my preferred mobile game, since it removes *MOST* of the random components. Absolutely disgusting how overpriced bandai makes their shit. MORE IN:
Price $ 1.00
Promotion level None