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Category Cottages
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Created 2019-04-08
Owner juniperqq
Title Geogrid requirements for special construction
Description In special construction, the high quality steel plastic geogrid should be laid as required, as follows: First, the geogrid should level the bottom of the slope, remove the turf of the roots, fill the pits, and the local height difference of the flatness of the bottom of the slope is not more than 10CM. Stack sand bags at the end of the slope should be stable, the gap between the bags should be filled with soil, and the sand bag sand loading rate is 70%-80%. The stacking sand bag can play the role of retaining the template and strengthen the slope. The geogrid is vertical on the slope end, and the template is composed of rectangular slats and T-shaped steel strips. The two do not need to be connected, but for easy disassembly, wedges can be inserted between the long slats and the L-shaped steel plates. When the steel fiber is inserted into the gap between the slat and the steel plate, the steel plate is taken out. Secondly, the steel plastic geogrid is folded back and fixed: the lateral length of the slope at the end of the slope is 1.5-2.0m. When the height of the fill reaches 2-3, the grid is folded back to the fill, and then Continue to fill the soil and bury the folded end in the soil. In general, when the slope of the slope reinforced with the glass fiber grid is less than 45 degrees, it is not necessary to return the grid to ensure the stability of the slope.
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