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Created 2019-04-08
Owner sherrafinale
Title Google Account Recovery – How To Recover Lost Google Password
Description The process of Google account password recovery is mentioned below: • The first step is to visit the Google account and then option of Can’t access your account? is clicked which is there in the login prompted page. • Other than this, the user can straightway go to Account recovery page in the web browser. • On that recovery page, the user is asked to enter the username i.e. the Google account email address and then Submit button is clicked. • In the next step, the Google account may check that the user is human or robot with the Captcha option. • The user is then asked to enter the last password which is remembered. If the user remembers that, it should be entered otherwise the step can be skipped to next page. • On the very next page, the user is asked to identify the mobile number which is already linked with the account. The last 4 digits of the mobile number are displayed on the screen. If the user identifies the number, then a verification code is received on that number. The verification code is then used to reset the password otherwise the link saying try another way is clicked. • Another option is to use the alternate email ID. The user is required to enter the alternate email linked with the existing email account. A password reset link is sent on this email address which has the steps and instructions to recover the password. • The last option is to recover the password using security question. In this, the user has created some security question at the time of creating the account. In order to reset the password, the user needs to answer the security questions correctly. Any of the above mentioned ways can be tried for the purpose of Google account recovery for android according to the convenience. Source -
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